Monday, February 20, 2006

And just when you thought things are going your way...

That's just it. My DSL was doing great for the past couple of months and suddenly, just went out like a kid going down from its sugar high. My aunt is thinking of switching to that Smart Wi-Fi thingee. Well, I do hope it's better than what we have. I'll even upgrade or get a new laptop just to get wireless access.

Guess there's nothing much I can do about that now. Am doing this post at school where I get my money's worth for the internet fee that is part of our miscellaneous fees.

It's been a slow day today. My officemates have remarked how tired I look today. Monday blues I guess. I sure do hope I get over this tomorrow. Though it's only February, I want to get an early start to get another excellent rating in my performance appraisal this year. By the way, my PA last year was really exceptional. Nice to know that all my hard work paid off. Hope it translates to an equally good performance bonus. My boss is keeping me in suspense with regards to the amount. I do hope it surpasses my benchmark. Hah!

Anyway, SO has signalled that we'll be leaving in 10 minutes. So much for being able to post longer today. Maybe next time.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Am Alive!

Well, am alive but my DSL is still dead. Am doing this post at Leo's house. At least their wireless DSL is still working (but then, they don't have the 999 plan).

Lots of things have happened and I don't know where to start. Well maybe let's start the recent happenings...

Leo and I went on a Valentine's date this year. We went to Brittany Bay on the evening of the 14th and watched The CompanY. A really great group. I bought a whole new outfit for the event and it did flatter my new figure a lot. Unfortunately, the night did not turn out as good as we wanted it to be. The service at Brittany Bay was horrible. We waited for an hour for our food and when we got our set orders, it was cold! The concert also started half an hour late and when it did, it stopped for 15 minutes when the power went out. Talk about Murphy's Law! At least Leo and I were together. He also gave me a dozen and a half red roses. Another thing I discovered while watching the concert, Leo does not know who the group is and the songs they sang. He just watched it because I wanted to (all together now, "awwwww").

My diet is still doing ok. I have to update the other blog about that.

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now. I still want to post more things but I my dsl is dead (it's so difficult to post if am not using my own laptop).