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Supplier Ratings and Wedding Kuwento

I was supposed to post this last year but I totally forgot. Here it is.
The post was meant for the Weddings@Work yahoogroups where I used to be a member of. We're encouraged to share our wedding experience and the suppliers that we've worked with to help other brides/grooms-to-be in their wedding planning.
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Sangalang-David Wedding 9-1-07 Supplier Ratings

I’m writing this fresh from our honeymoon from El Nido. Basically, the wedding was perfect. A dream come true for both of us.

To start off my wedding kuwento, my hubby accompanied me when I checked in at Vivere on Aug. 31, Friday. My mom followed later on after she checked in my relatives at another hotel. My other relatives were supposed to check-in at Vivere in another room that I reserved for them through Palms but when I saw the suite, it was too small for all of them. Good thing we found (through the goodness of a relative) another condotel which is much cheaper and can accommodate all of my relatives coming from the north. For those looking for an alternative preps venue in the south, check out Parque Espana at Filinvest near South Supermarket.

As our wedding is in the morning, I intended to be asleep by 8pm (with a 4am wake-up call!). However, I couldn’t sleep that night. Though I’ve been reminded by Queen (and even Cecil) to get some sleep, I really could not as I was so excited over the wedding. Leo called me up earlier to say goodnight (the more excited I became Hehe).

Queen told me that she’ll give me a wake-up call at 4am. Just to be sure, I set my alarm at 4am. I woke up at 130 am and had problems going back to sleep. I managed to doze off at 230 only to wake up at exactly 4. I took a bath and got ready for the day.

The first supplier to arrive was Jesy Alto and Steve. They were there at 5am! Steve started to work on my hair while Jesy worked on my mom’s make-up. Queen soon arrived at 530 and Jong’s team around 6. The flowers arrived at exactly 7am however I was really disappointed how they turned out. My bouquet was acceptable, unfortunately, the other bouquets were not. As they were white liliums, they already had brown stripes/spots on them already. Worse, bouquet pa ng mother-in-law ko yung pangit! My MIL loves flowers and she paid for those expensive flowers. She deserves to get what she paid for. I refused to give the balance and called up Liv. She was really apologetic about it and I left Queen to deal with her. I was really livid about the whole thing but Jong, Jesy and other suppliers reminded me to not let it ruin my day. I went to the bathroom, took a deep breath and just let it go.

Cecil’s team was the last one to arrive at 7am. As my make-up was not yet done, he helped out my mom in her gown as well as my matron of honor.

I also belatedly realized that I forgot to buy the fruits for our offertory the day before! I asked Queen if they could pass by Rustan’s or any nearby supermarket to buy the fruits.

Jesy had a harder time with my make-up (as compared to our trial) as I used a different moisturizer this time which did not help with the acidity of my face. I was already getting impatient as I wanted to start with the pictorial and put on my gown. I’m glad she quickly finished and I looked tons better than what I looked like during our trial. I didn’t realize I could be sooo pretty! 

Jong left earlier to do his pictorials with Leo at their house in Alabang. He left me with a couple of his photographers (John Jay and Markches) who ably did their job. We were running late so we had to cut our pictorials at the hotel.

Once we got to the church, my parents stepped out of the car while I was left to wait to be called. The car was a Lincoln which was also provided by Palms as part of our package. The driver was not very talkative as he left me alone in the car to wait. Queen stopped by to tell me that they were able to buy the fruits and she mentioned that she’s on her way to the reception (I love Queen!). She said David (her husband) will take care of all the church coordination.

At around 10, I was asked to step out of the car while Cecil and his team fussed over my gown and my veil. I quietly stood in front of the closed doors of the church while listening to the instrumental of “Sleeps with Butterflies” being played over the PA system which is an indication that the entourage march is still ongoing. I could feel myself starting to get emotional and tears were pricking my eyes. John Jay said that it’s ok for me to cry and to just let the tears flow. When Anima Choir started humming the first lines of my requested bridal march song, “Ikaw Lamang”, I started crying. However, when the doors opened and I saw all those photos being snapped, the tears just stopped. Hehehe. I guess I was so overwhelmed that all I could do was smile. I could hear the coordinators giving me instructions in the background “Look at Leo”, “kick your gown”, “kick your gown”, “walk slowly”. I was just smiling and focused on my husband at the end of the long aisle. My mind was just blank. Good thing I remembered to greet and kiss my parents when they met me at the middle.

When we got to the front, I kissed my mother (she said I looked so beautiful!) and father in law and gave my husband a very big smile. He took my arm and led me to the altar and the song exactly finished when we got there.

The ceremony proceeded smoothly. Anima Choir sang all of our requested songs and they never sang out of tune! I had goosebumps when they sang “The Lord’s Prayer”. Sobrang ganda.

During the vows, I had Anima play the instrumental of Lea Salonga’s “Two Words”. According to my relatives, they saw me give Leo a nudge when he didn’t answer the priest together with me (merong part kasi na sabay dapat kami magsasalita). Natawa raw sila.

After the ceremony, we had pictorials outside the church. Good thing it didn’t rain although it was a bit cloudy. Nevertheless, it was still quite hot and humid. We gamely posed though. St. James is indeed a very beautiful church. We could’ve done more poses but we were running late. We arrived at Palms around 1230 already and everyone was so hungry! Even if we provided Chex Mix, mas gusto raw ng tao yung food. The program started immediately when we arrived. My brother-in-law did the invocation and we had the cake-cutting and wine ceremony afterwards.

We requested that pictures be taken with us before they head for the buffet tables. I barely ate whatever delicious stuff they served in front of me. Basta alam ko, masarap siya nung nag-food tasting kami so it should be still delicious. The soup was wonderful (pumpkin bisque with semi-whipped cream. Yumyum) and it was the only thing I was able to consume a lot of of. Yung sinerve na yung main course, wala na akong nakain.

The best part of the reception was when I danced with my dad. I asked the string trio (c/o Palms. They get the strings from Bernie Pasamba) to play “What a Wonderful World” and we danced to that. Actually, I don’t know if we danced as I was hugging him most of the time. He kept on telling me how happy he was and he was just crying. I could feel myself crying pero hindi pa rin tumulo ang luha ko. I just hugged him and told him I love him so much.

My dad then handed me over to my husband and we danced to Michael Buble’s “For Once in my Life”.

For the gifts part, we gave Leo’s parents, an enlarged photo of their wedding. I had Leo look through his parents’ photo albums. Apparently, they did not have a picture na silang dalawa lang. Parating may kasama. So we had a photo cropped para may pose na silang dalawa. We also had another photo blown up na kasama nila yung respective parents nila. This was suggested by Queen. Good thing I took her advice. :)

As for my parents, since they live apart, I had a studio (Blow-up Babies) take portraits of my niece and nephew. I had them framed and gave it to them as their gifts.

For my hubby, I gave him a Rudy Project watch which he has been eyeing for quite some time. I wanted to give him a PSP or a Wii but we spent so much already. Saka na siguro yon.

The program was finished around 230pm. Actually, I asked Missy to cut it as some of the guests were already leaving. We skipped the Couples Game and went straight to the Thank Yous. Siyempre, I thanked all the suppliers and my friends and my hubby for making me the happiest woman in the world.

My officemates stayed behind and I could see them having the time of their lives posing outside the ballroom. I changed to my wedding wedges and it was so much comfortable than the heels. Although I wanted to get out of my gown already but we were still waiting for Jong to finish burning the pictures. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law finally took us to Vivere around 430 or 5pm already.

We left for El Nido, Monday Sep. 3. Palawan is such a lovely place and Lagen Island is ideal for honeymooners. It’s interesting to note though that we were the only Filipino guest couple in the island. The rest of the guests were either Koreans or Japanese.

When we got back from Palawan on Wednesday, we were given the sad news that my lolo’s dextrose has been removed already. A few months back, I emailed to the group that my lolo was diagnosed with liver cancer. A couple of weeks before the wedding, I thought he was going to die as my dad rushed him to the hospital due to difficulty in breathing. The cancer has metastasized to his chest cavity area. The mass was pushing against his trachea making breathing difficult for him. He was then put in IV as he couldn’t eat. He was also bed-ridden and he’s always asleep.

When my dad got home after the wedding, he whispered to my lolo that the wedding was over. My lolo smiled and a few minutes later, his arm suddenly swelled. The vein where the IV was connected apparently collapsed. They couldn’t find another vein so they had to insert the IV through a vein on his foot. On Wednesday, that vein also collapsed. His family then decided to remove the IV tube that was providing him sustenance all this time. He’s now in deep comatose and so now, we’re just waiting for the inevitable.

I cried when I heard the news. When I visited him before the wedding, I silently told him that if he needs to go, I won’t mind. Kung nahihirapan na siya, he doesn’t need to wait for me to get married. Whatever God wants, I will just accept. But he held on for me to get married as I know he doesn’t want the happy event to be shadowed by his death. I just pray that his passing will be peaceful and that I hope that he will carry the thought that he is very much loved.

Nevertheless, the wedding was indeed very memorable and something that my hubby and I will treasure for the rest of our lives together. The wedding was made more beautiful by my able and efficient suppliers. Without them, this beautiful wedding will not be possible.

Herewith are our supplier ratings. Five being the highest, 1 being the lowest.

CHURCH - St. James the Great, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa
Rating: 5
Peso Power: Php20,000

Ever since Leo and I started talking about the wedding, I wanted to get married at Calaruega at Tagaytay. But Leo refused and wanted it to be done at St. James the Great where we regularly hear mass every Sunday. He reasoned out that Tagaytay is quite far (even if we live in the South) and he does not relish going to Tagaytay ever weekend just to look for suppliers or fixing our wedding requirements.
I finally acceded to his wishes (after all, they're paying for it) and we booked our date July last year.

Since Leo and his family are residents, we were given the resident rate (5K less than the non-resident rate). We paid the downpayment of P10K and we requested for aircon.

Thinking about it now, I would not have chosen another church. When you see it the first time, you will be awed by how big it is. The interior is also nicely done. It can be quite beautiful during Christmas.

Ms. Aycie also did not give us a hard time with the requirements. I initially thought I would have a problem as my confirmation and baptismal certificates have “Sunshine” whereas my birth certificate does not. She just asked me to accomplish a certification that I am one and the same and that was it.

RECEPTION: The Palms Country Club (

Rating: 5
Peso Power: Member rates (PM me for exact amount)

After we booked the church, Leo and I went to the nearby hotels to look for our reception venue. We were choosing between Palms and Bellevue but we were already leaning on getting Palms as they’re quite well-known for their food. Besides, Leo’s sister is a member so we easily got the member rates.

All the food served during the food tasting was so scrumptious. Good thing I tasted them then because I was not able to eat much during the wedding itself.

You can find our menu posted here:

All our guests were very happy with the food. Everyone was saying that the food was delicious! The portions were huge (kahit buffet). Hit yung Japanese Sushi bar namin. It was the first thing the guests went through. You will definitely not go wrong with the Palms food.

Anne Zablan, our AE, was very accommodating. She even got my last-minute requests right! Very efficient.

They’ve also upgraded their wedding packages. Ang dami nang inclusive. We still have that GC for the dinner, massage, gym etc.

Just one little comment, we didn’t like their choices for the supplier meals. Parang ang konti yata. Ginawa namin, we had Palms set up a buffet table doon sa loob ng holding room para sa kanila. At least hindi kami nahiya sa mga suppliers namin.

PREPARATIONS: For the bride – Vivere Suites (
Rating: 4
Peso Power: Part of the Palm’s package. Extra night costs Php8,500 (if booked through Palms)

The room is really nice and the bed really comfortable. My only complaint was that we had to call twice for housekeeping to come over and they’re really expensive as compared to Parque Espana. The room we reserved at Parque Espana has 3 BR and only cost us Php6,500/night. Also, Vivere will charge you extra if you order more than 3 dining sets (plates/spoons).

The package also comes with a breakfast buffet. Their rooftop restaurant has a nice view and the food really superb.

For the other relatives – Parque Espana (
Rating: 4
Peso Power: Promo of Php6,500/night for 3BR (with maid’s room)

A relative of my aunt referred me to this place. It’s located near South Supermarket. The rooms are really nice and it’s furnished. According to my relatives and my other family members who stayed there, it’s really comfortable. I would recommend this place to other people looking for alternative prep venues at the South. A nice change from Vivere and Bellevue.

Although I only gave it a 4 as the lobby is quite small. If you’re going to consider this as a prep place for the bride, the lobby leaves much to be desired for photo ops.

PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHER: John Mateos Ong (Imagine-Nation) (

Rating: 5+++++
Peso Power: Labor only of Php50,000 + 5,000 for projector rent

This was the first supplier that we actually booked. I think we booked him sometime September 2006 during the bridal fair at PICC Tent. Jong is an old college friend and it was by accident that I found out he’s now a professional photographer (wala siyang hilig sa ganyan nung college pa kami. Puro events at banda lang). I saw some of his sample works and we did not think twice in booking him.

Jong recommended other suppliers to me and I think I almost got them all.
Sobrang bait ni Jong at ang galing talaga. We had our prenup pictorial with him at Tagaytay Highlands last Aug. 23. To think it was raining that day and he was still game. He was walking in the rain looking for nice shots and he just directed us on where to stand and pose. Galing talaga. Our relatives said parang pang-movie poster yung mga shots naming. Hehe.

As for the wedding itself, there was a moment when I got so mad as the entourage flowers were really disappointing. Jong, together with Queen and Jesy, calmed me down and said I should not let it ruin my day.

Everybody said that our pictures were really good. Jong even made a slideshow presentation containing shots of the wedding preps and ceremony which was showed during the reception. Sobrang kakakilabot siya (

It’s because of him that we have something to remind us of our very beautiful wedding. He made me see the little wonderful things I’ve missed. It’s from his pictures na napansin ko na maganda talaga yung flowers namin sa church at nakita ko na maganda pala ako. Haha! We even got the pictures right after the reception! As in we just waited for him to burn them in DVD cds and we took them home right afterwards. The pictures are indeed good high res quality. Imagine, his pic size files are 4MB each! Ubos ang memory ng laptop ko! Hehe. Puwedeng i blow-up talaga.

Highly, highly recommended supplier. The best among the best!

HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Jesy Alto and Steve of Madge Lejano
Rating: 5
Peso Power: Php12,000; Php1,500 for trial

Madge actually was Jong’s first referral to me. Unfortunately, when we visited her during the bridal fair, she was already booked for our wedding date. She recommended her second team which was Jesy Alto. I booked her on the spot without any trial whatsoever. Just based on the pictures and Jong’s referral.

I’m so glad I got Jesy. Based on the pictures, I really look very very pretty! Natural make-up talaga. What I love about it was that she matched my face sa skin tone ko. She did not even have to put make-up on my neck (not what I was used to)!. Kaya masasabi ko na magaling siya talaga. Atsaka OC! Acidic kasi ang face ko and she kept on fixing the color to ensure that my skin tone is still the same. And even after the reception, my make-up still looks great!

Steve also made my hair look so beautiful. Ang ganda nung hairpiece that Cecil provided. I really let my hair grow for the wedding and I’m so glad I did. Ang ganda ng bagsak ng veil ko! Gosh! Happy happy!


Rating: 5+++++
Peso Power: Php80,000 for 10 gowns including my gown
(For my Dad’s barong – P2,000, I provided the tela; for my brother-in-law’s barong – P3,500, Cecil provided the tela)

I LOVE CECIL!!! Cecil was the second supplier that Jong recommended. I did not look for any other couturier and after my first meeting with him, I immediately made my downpayment.

Cecil’s very easy to talk to. He’s very open when it comes to his designs. On my second fitting, I had problems with the sleeves. Hindi ako mapakali. So I called Cecil up and asked if I could bring someone with me to do another fitting kasi hindi ako happy sa sleeves. Ok naman sa kanya (actually kasalanan ko. In my first two fittings kasi, ako lang ang mag-isa na pumupunta so wala akong 2nd opinion). I brought my officemate with me where they talked about the design and whatsoever. Hindi na ako nakikinig kasi clueless ako about designs and fashion. Basta maganda ang kalabasan ng sleeves ok lang sa akin.

To fix the sleeves, Cecil took stretch tulle and placed it over my arms. Ayun, natakpan rin ang problem area ko. Sabi niya lalagyan raw niya ng beading. Ok na kami. When I went back for my 3rd fitting (4th na yata yon), I was happily surprised as doon sa unang akala ko na spattering of beads lang ang ilalagay niya, tinadtad niya talaga ang buong sleeves! My gosh! Ang ganda tuloy. Yun ang napansin ng mga guests. Para raw dinikit yung beading sa braso ko. Happy gosh gosh! So pretty! 

I asked Cecil to make the gowns for my entourage and everything really looks so great. My entourage looks very nice in their gowns and flatters all of their figures. And the colors! Ang gaganda ng contrast. When we were initially discussing colors kasi, all I know I wanted was blue. Si Cecil na ang nag-suggest ng mga contrasts-chuva and he was the one who thought of making the flower girls gowns pink. Ang ganda tuloy ng effect.

Everyone complimented me on my gown. Sobrang ganda raw ng beading! Atsaka he also did something to the beading that made me look thinner. My gosh, Ang galing!

Cecil’s also very accommodating. When I got stressed over the gown of one of my entourage, he called me up and told me not to worry about it. He had one of his people (the ever popular Clayton), deliver the gown to the house of my entourage. O diba. So, so bait and so, so talented.

He’s also very flexible when it comes to payment terms. Hindi nga nasunod yung payment terms na nakalagay sa contract. Whenever I have money, nagbibigay ako kahit less or more than the amount indicated. Basta when the gowns were done, I gave the balance na.

Very humble din itong si Cecil. Siya mismo ang luluhod sa harap mo para gupitin ang hemline. Walang kiyeme and so creative. I just wish he stayed throughout the wedding. He had to leave immediately after I walked down the aisle. I was so full of praise and thanks for him during my thank you speech. He made me look so beautiful!

He also works well with overseas clients. My mom kasi arrived a week before the wedding. Aug. 24. From the airport, I brought her (and my sister) straight to Cecil’s shop. He asked them to send their measurements months before so gawa na yung basic gown. Yun nga lang yung sinukat nila, sobrang luwang! I don’t know what he did but 5 days after, ayos na yung gowns nila with sandamukmok na beading rin on my mom’s gown! Natuwa tuloy mama ko sa kanya. Even my mother-in-law. They both love their gowns made by Cecil.

Highly, highly recommended!

GROOM’S BARONG: Edwin Valerio
Rating: 5
Peso Power: Php10,000 (inclusive of the barong, inner shirt and pants)

Edwin Valerio has been the tailor of hubby’s family for quite a long time. Leo told me that he used to have his office pants made there. It was no question that they will have their pants and barongs done by their family tailor.

Well, hubby’s very happy with it. My mother-in-law was the one who coordinated with them. Once lang ako pumunta doon para samahan si hubby to have his measurements taken. So far, ok naman ang fit. He got the barong weeks before the wedding.

Rating: 4
Peso Power: Php3,000 (1 heels and 1 wedge)

Cecil suggested that I get wedges para comfortable ako. Yun nga lang, I couldn’t resist buying this pair. Bagay na bagay kasi sa gown ko.
Four kasi mas mahal pa yung wedge kaysa yung heels mismo. To think I only wore the wedge after the reception (was supposed to wear it during the whole reception but we lacked time to change).
I loved my wedding shoes. They’re so dainty. Bagay pa sa dress ko.

ON-THE-DAY COORDINATOR: Queen David of Just Like Ours (
Rating: 5+++++
Peso Power: Php15,000 for 8 people, + Php3,000 for RSVP

Queen is a W@W find. After going through the coordinators that Jong referred, I can’t seem to find a connection with them, but with Queen, I felt comfortable immediately.
Grabe, super capable talaga and super efficient. She gave such wonderful advice and she will really ensure that your wedding will be stress-free. As I said earlier, I forgot to buy the fruit basket for the offertory, she immediately went out and bought one. She also fixed the problem that I had with Holland Tulips with regards to the flowers.

And her husband, ay, sobrang bait din. He kept on asking us if there was something that we needed. He even had someone look for Tic Tacs when we asked for it! Also, when we were on our way out of the door, I liked how he prepped everyone up. They arranged our relatives and friends at the doorway to throw confetti. Before we stepped out, I could hear him preparing everyone and getting them all excited to see us. Kaya when we stepped out, everyone was just cheering. Ang ganda ng picture tuloy. Everyone was just smiling 
I’m so glad I got her. Highly recommended supplier.

GIVE-AWAYS: Papemelroti
Rating: 4
Peso Power: - for the principal sponsors (ninong) - for the guests
(Imagine them in blue)

The giveaways were the idea of my mother-in-law. After looking through cupcakes, she proposed on getting something more permanent. She sent me a photo of a Papemelroti giveaway and I was sold. I asked my mom to bring home specialized Kisses Chocolates which we placed inside the containers. What makes these Kisses special is that instead of the “Hershey’s” tag, it has “Thank You” instead.

The whole giveaway is a labor of love. My mother-in-law personally filled up each container and bought specialized ribbons for it. I was surprised she did it but I was very touched by her efforts.

I only gave it a 4 as they got the color for the principal sponsors giveaways wrong. For the ninongs, we got them a bigger container and bought Mary Grace fruitcake which we placed inside. We wanted it in blue color but they gave us yellow. Good thing we had enough time for them to re-do the whole thing. Again, my mother-in-law personally dressed the containers up.

For the Ninangs: tablecloth from Singapore
Rating: 5
Peso Power: ???

My mother-in-law asked a friend of a friend to buy this nice tablecloth from Singapore. Ang ganda. Kakulay pa ng motif namin. She again individually wrapped it and she even put tassels on the ribbons! Magaling siya talaga sa mga DIY’s. Even the other guests are asking if there’s an extra one kasi ang ganda nga daw.

Rating: 5+++++
Peso Power: Php25,000 for a 5-layer cake inclusive of flowers and fruits

Everyone loved our cake. It was SOOOO delicious. As in! Yumyum. Hanggang ngayon, naiisip ko pa rin yung cake. Good thing we still have some of it left here at home.

You will never go wrong with Alex Franco. Touched kami kasi when we got to our table at the reception, meron ulit kaming chocolate cake from Alex. Ang dami nang freebies! Kasi when we got him, he sent us home with a small chocolate cake tapos ngayon, meron na naman. Ang daming cakes!

CHURCH FLOWERS: Mother Butler Guild of St. James
Rating: 5
Peso Power: Php30,000

My mother-in-law was the one who coordinated with them as she knows someone who’s part of the Mother Butler Guild of St. James. During the past weddings that we saw at St. James, it seems that the flowers were always white. Always. I never realized that we can request for different colored flowers.

I was happy the way the church came out. Flowers used were pastel colors which went well with our color motif. I also like the way it blended with the backlight of the altar. Ang ganda tuloy ng church.

Tapos sabi blue pa dapat ang carpet. Buti nalang red pa rin. It would’ve looked weird kung blue.

Rating: 2
Peso Power: PM me

This is the supplier with the lowest rating. Siya ang nag-prove ng kasabihan na there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. Out of all our suppliers, siya lang ang nagpainit ng ulo ko. To think siya pa yung pinakamahal (other than the caterer/reception).

My mother-in-law kasi was the one who got them. I let her decide on this as I was practically clueless when it comes to flowers and event styling. Happy naman si MIL sa kanila so ok na rin sa akin. A few days before the event, I met pa with Liv to give her the horseshoe to be included in my bouquet. I thought ok na lahat.

The entourage flowers arrived at the hotel at exactly 7 am. Yun nga lang when I looked at them, sobrang na-shock ako. ANG PANGIT! Maganda yung bouquet ko pero ang pangit yung bouquets ni MIL and MOB. Meron kasing lilium yung bouquets nila at merong mga brown spots/stripes yung flowers. Obvious na hindi siya fresh! Hindi ko pinabigay yung balance at tinawagan ko agad si Liv. I said that the flowers were unacceptable and she’d better do something about them. After that, I let Queen handle the arrangements na. Sobrang uminit talaga ulo ko! Jong and Jesy told me to just let it go. Si Queen naman told me to just relax and she’ll take care of it.

Tempted ako to give them a 1, but I still gave them a 2 kasi maganda yung ginawa sa bouquet ko. Maganda yung pag-incorporate nila sa horseshoe doon sa bouquet (FYI, the horseshoe is an old English tradition. My aunt who is one of our principal sponsors and who resides in England gave me the bridal horseshoe). Also, medyo bumawi naman sila sa reception. Ang ganda ng ballroom ng Palms and they also changed the entourage flowers. Sobrang nahiya kasi ako sa MIL ko kasi she paid for those flowers tapos ganon lang???

Tapos my mother-in-law was also expecting an abundance of flowers sa reception. Sa lagay na yon, kulang pa pala sa kanya. Hindi pa namin nagustuhan yung table centerpieces nila, ang tataas! My golly.

Tip lang, if you’re getting white flowers for your entourage or bouquet, make sure fresh sila. Better yet, don’t get white flowers. Kitang-kita kasi kung may flaw.

INVITATIONS: Printsonalities (Noky Gatmaitan)

Rating: 5
Peso Power: PM me

Noky was referred to me by the same aunt who referred me to Jong. Cool si Noky. She responds quickly to text messages and ok kausap. During the course of the proof reading etc, I keep on finding errors and she accommodates the changes. Kahit yung dapat na final revision na at may nakita pa rin ako, she still changed it. Sobrang bait talaga.

We ordered 200 invites. When Leo picked them up, hindi niya binilang. When I counted them 5 days later (note, I had an appendectomy kaya out of commission ako), kulang ng 50 invites! We called up Noky and she immediately delivered the remaining 50 2 days after. No stress talaga. Sobrang natakot ako kasi knowing other suppliers, they will not give you the kulang kasi dapat responsibility ng client to ensure that what was delivered/picked up was correct.

EMCEE: Melissa Ferrer-Litao
Rating: 5
Peso Power: Php4,000

I saw Missy in action during the wedding of hubby’s cousin last January. She was so bubbly, perky and professional and I knew she would be right for our wedding. We immediately booked her soon afterwards.

The program ran so smoothly and she really knows how to ad lib. Highly recommended!

CHOIR: Anima Choir (
Rating: 5+++++
Peso Power: Php14,000

Another W@W find. I already booked another choir already but changed them a month before the wedding as I was not happy with their performance. Also, their repertoire of songs leaves much to be desired. I immediately called up Roger and he said that they’re still available on Sep. 1. Thank God!
He had me download some of their samples from their website and they’re actually REALLY REALLY good! My basis for a “good” choir is the Madz and Anima has truly exceeded expectations.
True enough, a lot of the guests cried when I walked down the aisle tapos ganon pa ang background. They also sang so lovely throughout the mass with no one missing a note. The best talaga yung “The Lord’s Prayer” nila. Have them sing this and you will surely have goosebumps.
I also got them for the reception. Sayang lang na kulang kami sa time and they couldn’t sing all the songs that I requested. Ok lang naman. Sobrang sulit talaga yung binayad namin sa kanila.
Highly, highly recommended!

HONEYMOON: Lagen Island, El Nido, Palawan

Rating: 5
Peso Power: Php65,000 (3 days, 2 nights; inclusive of airfare; we got a water cottage)

Palawan is beautiful. As in! Kahit nakaupo ka lang doon, happy ka na. Everything’s so beautiful. You will see God in everywhere you look! The islands, the water—and even the people. They’re just so accommodating and nice.
Yun nga lang, super-taga lahat. Inclusive kasi sa package yung mga boatrides (kahit saan pa gusto mo!), tours, activities, meals etc. Yung mga incidentals nila yung taga. From the mini-bar (parang hotel!) up to the internet connection (Php300/hour! Pero bakit ka naman mangangailangan ng internet connection on your honeymoon? Heheh). Not surprising as most of their clients are foreigners. In fact, we were the only Filipino guests in the island at that time. Yung mga kasama namin mga Japanese and Koreans.
For those considering El Nido for their honeymoon, we recommend Lagen Island kasi mas secluded siya. For honeymooners talaga. Miniloc Island kasi maraming tao. Andoon kasi lahat ng activities.
For the activities, the best yung fish feeding. You will have fishes literally eating out of your hand. You get to swim with the jack fish (growing up to 4 meters!). Pati yung kayaking nila sa big/small lagoon. Either/or yon. You can’t visit both kasi depending sa tides. The big lagoon is only accessible during high tide while the small lagoon is only accessible during low tides. Ang ganda ng pictures!
At yung food! My gosh! Bondat ka talaga. After months of depriving myself of food (siyempre, dapat magkasya sa gown) pig-out galore talaga. I get to eat anything I want. And their choco fountain is very delicious (I wonder what chocolate they use?).


WEDDING RINGS: c/o Mother-in-Law

That’s it. I’m really thankful for this yahoogroup for all the advice and insights that I received in our one year of planning. Thank you for those who encouraged me whenever I’m faced with a daunting task.

Thank you and good luck to those getting married. Remember, what is important is that you and your hubby—not the flowers, or the pictures, or your make-up. As my friend said, the important people that she wants in her wedding is the priest, her husband and herself.

For more pictures, check out Check out the photo album and video section. Please be patient though. I’m still uploading pictures! Ang dami kasi. Yung prenup namin and honeymoon pictures, wala pa rin. Please do check from time to time.

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