Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shopping for Baby

Leo and I made our first big purchases last Wednesday and today for the baby.

First of all, we bought a new digital camera to record the auspicious event on January. It's a nice new toy. We bought a Canon Digital IXUS 85 IS. It has a whopping 10 megapixels! My old digicam already gave up and the response time is too slow to capture the eye-blinking moments. It can also take video shots (with sound) as well.

We haven't actually tinkered with it fully but we gave it a test run today. We can whole-heartedly say that it's definitely worth the price.

Other than that, we finally bought a Graco crib for our baby boy. As we were meeting up with Tita Loida, Tito Ruben and Sean at SM Southmall, we braved the Alabang-Zapote Road mid-day traffic and was there two hours before our meeting time.

We bought a Graco Contour Electra same color as the right but with the cot inside is red. (Thank you Lola Jennie and Russell for the crib!). Leo was really excited to buy this and he wanted to immediately assemble it when we got home. I didn't want to as it will just gather dust but he's adamant as he reasoned out that it's one way to find out if there are any missing parts or pieces which I found odd considering he had the thing assembled and dissambled before we bought it just to make sure.

I wanted to buy cloth diapers and other clothes but Leo stopped me as we already bought a dozen Chino Pinos (no pins needed. Go velcro!). I was tempted to buy more baby clothes but again, I already have lots stocked up here. I did try to look for a baby cabinet but Leo said that we already have one here at home that just needs to be fixed.

When we met up with Tito Ruben, Tita Loida and Sean, they gave us our pasalubong from them and Claudine and Mommy (thank you thank you!).

Mommy gave us the Baby Bjorn (the one at the back) which Leo loves. I also got the Medela Breast Pump (from Claudine or Mommy?) which I wanted to buy ever since. Oh and there's also the baby monitor that Claudine sent us early this year.

The Chicco crib mobile was given to us by my sister-in-law and the baby mat on the top was given to us by Tita Loida. The plastic on top of the baby carrier contains lots of baby clothes which I have yet to wash.

The crib is the long box while the baby carrier is the big box (thank you Tita Chit!). Looking at the stuff, it seems that we haven't bought enough.

The picture on the right will be the baby's room. I have yet to clean out all the stuff which I will be doing on my vacation. I'll definitely be throwing out lots of stuff. Oh and I will keep the ball and the bean bag. The ball helps soothe my aching back while the bean bag makes a nice recliner when I put it on the bed.

Which reminds me, I'm looking for a nice breastfeeding chair (either a rocker or a nice chair with arm rests). I want to exclusively breastfeed the first three months and I'm still trying to figure out if it's possible. Oh and I wonder where the maids put the breastfeeding cover-up that I bought last month. Gosh, the room's a mess!


JC Sobejana said...

the baby bjorn is a charm....mommy gave it to you. you will love it i guarantee. easy to assemble too. i gave you the breastpump. that's all you need. i tell will only use it to stimulate your milk other than that...tatamarin ka na magpump kase mas prefer mo mag nurse sa baby mo. unless you plan to breastfeed when you resume work. that's another story. then you have to buy an electric one para mas mabilis ang process.

i recommend you to buy a glider with an ottoman. buy with an armrest mas ginhawang gamitin. ang mahal dito nun buti na lang maren nagpahiram sa amin ng glider....super duper comfortable ang pagbreastfeed ko at pagbottle feed ko rin. aside from that...i can also sleep on it while i make bantay baby maddie. it reclines and glides smoothly.

Sunshine Sangalang said...

sige, i'll look for a cheap but comfortable glider. baka may mahanap pa ako sa SM.
stroller nalang yata ang kulang namin. nag-iisip pa ako kung graco or maclaren ang bibilhin namin eh. what do you think?

JC Sobejana said...

Hi Sunshine si Jeff to. Para sakin, mas gugustuhin ko ang Graco kasi they have models that will grow with your baby, di tulad ng Maclaren, yung strollers nila is for toddlers lang. Maclaren though is a signature brand, better portability (lightweight) than Graco. I guess nasasa iyo yun. I know Claudine will go with the name brand :) God Bless!

Sunshine Sangalang said...

hi jeff! thanks for the recommendation. leo wants the graco nga. baka we'll end up with that. thanks!