Monday, November 30, 2015

Cerebrally ALDUB

I was a late fan. In a sense that I became a serious fan only after their second meeting (yes, the kidnap episode). I've known of Aldub ever since their inception as I closely follow Maine Mendoza during her Dubsmash days. Back then, I was there just for her and paid her screen partner, Alden Richards, little mind.

But my perception changed when I saw real "kilig" in Alden's expression during their "kidnap" episode. He suddenly became more handsome before my very eyes and he continues to change as the days passes. Here's a youtube clip of what I mean (go to 1:26). That smile is now known as one of his kilig smiles.

Much has been said about their tandem and how far they have come this last four months. I was there during Ang Tamang Panahon at the Philippine Arena and it was one of the most powerful and intense events that I have ever witnessed.

I closely follow their episodes and have bought all the magazines that has featured their tandem. A friend knowing of my fascination with the couple even had a fan sign made out for me (see picture at the top of this post).

Friends are puzzled over my fascination over their love team. I myself am wondering why I'm going gaga over them when I was never like this while growing up. Even when my favorite actors or celebrities are in town, I won't exert the same amount of effort that I'm giving for Alden and Maine. Other than the hardship that we encountered just to get to Bulacan, I also went out of my way to visit them at Alabang Town Center just to watch them film their movie.

Maybe it's because I feel happy whenever I watch them. Maybe because their chemistry blurs the line between real and reel. Maybe because they look good together and they're actually falling for each other--and watching that love bloom is something beautiful to behold. Whatever the reason, I hope to still be here when/if they end up together and even if they don't. Both of them are such humble people and I do not regret giving them my support and adoration.

My ultimate fan dream is to have a picture taken with them. Of course, I would also want them to end up with each other but who are we to dictate their feelings? But if the behind-the-scenes takes are to be believed, then that is not far coming. Never have I wanted for two people to end up with each other as I do with Maine and Alden.

US 2015 - West Coast Edition

This is my third time in the US since I got married 8 years ago. The first time was in 2011 when I visited with my husband. The second time was just last year when we attended the ordination of Leo's cousin. This time around, my visit was to celebrate my 40th birthday with my twin sister at Vegas. This was totally unplanned in a sense that my mom and I only put everything into motion three months ago. Usually, our US trips are planned almost a year in advance.

Initially, I was supposed to surprise my sister at Vegas (she's supposed to go there on the 1st with my mom for a convention). But due to extenuating circumstances (a death in the family which almost lead me to go NYC instead--which I was not looking forward to since it's SO cold there), my mom had to inform my sister which ruined the surprise. We ended up still pushing thru with the Vegas plan.

I'm now in California staying with my mom's brother and his family. The last time I was here was almost 30 years ago when I was 11 years old. I remember my mom just putting me in the plane from NJ and my Uncle Dan just picking me up at the airport where I stayed with him and his family for two weeks. I don't recall much about that visit except a visit at Universal. This time around, I was able to visit the tourist places and even had my first taste of Thanksgiving, US version.

Will post more when I am able to download my pictures from the phone.