Monday, June 30, 2008

Diablo III

I've been a fan of Blizzard Games (Warcraft, Diablo etc) and managed to finished their games as well. I recall playing Diablo five years ago with much gusto and fanfare that I was disappointed when I finished it. I wanted more! However, with the many things that happened in my life, I somehow forgot all about it.

But then, a friend just had to email our ygroups the url of Diablo III. All the while I thought it was already available and got all excited just to find out that it's still being developed with no release date in sight. (waaaah)

I now have this sudden urge to play Diablo II or even Warcraft (either Frozen Throne or Reign of Chaos) just to get the edge off. I hope my baby won't have nightmares because of this.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Did I Do On My Vacation?

I stayed at home for the past 2 weeks as ordered by my doctor. Only venturing out to go to mass or go to my doctor. So what did I do the past 2 weeks?

1. Watch TV
Thank God for cable. I became a couch potato and have memorized most of the program schedules. For instance, I watch Ellen and the Price is Right from 1 to 3 pm everyday and afterwhich, I take a nap. There are also the replays of CSIs (yup, all 3) which can be found at AXN (Ch 49) and Fox Crime (Ch 50) either early in the morning or in the evening starting at 8PM.
Chuck is showing on Mondays, CSI on Tuesdays (NY) and Wednesdays (LV and Miami), Amazing Race Asia replay on Wednesdays (before CSI Las Vegas). Yeah, lots of wonderful shows on the boob tube.
By the way, Price is Right--my new favourite show. :) Not only are the games interesting but they sure have a LOT of wacky contestants.

2. Internet Surfing
The Almighty Internet--and a dual connection at that. I never figured out why Leo wanted 2 DSL providers (PLDT and Globe) at home. Thank God he pushed through with it as PLDT has the tendency to go down. That's why Leo programmed my default to Globe which surprisingly has a better connection.
My favourite sites:,,,

3. Sleep
Oh yeah, the best thing there is. My baby is one happy peapod as his/her mommy was able to get some rest away from the stress. Sure, work intrudes once inawhile (like yesterday, I received more than a dozen emails from work as we're going to face something big starting today or tomorrow and my OIC wants my opinion on some of the stuff that he will be doing to handle it). But at least I get to sleep whenever I want and wake up whenever I want. I need to store up as after a few months, I'm sure I won't be able to sleep as much.

4. Read
I didn't have anything new to read as I already finished Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series (yup, all 3 of them). So I eagerly await my People subscription that comes every Tuesday or Wednesday and reread my mommy books. I still have my People crossword that keeps me preoccupied as well.

5. Eat
Well, not as much as I want. Last week was bad for me. I couldn't eat whatever was served as I didn't like it and weird enough, I HATED the smell of vinegar as it smelled like rotten food! Leo said he could not smell anything but the whole dining area stank!  Odd though, I could stomach it again this week. I had to think what I wanted to eat everyday and I had Leo go out and buy it. So far, I made him buy Chowking noodles, Reyes Barbecue liempo and McDonald's. Yeah, not as healthy as it should be, but it was the only thing I wanted to eat at that time.
This week was relatively better. I could eat what was served but only at little amounts. Not like last week where I could not really eat at all.

That's basically it. I know it's not as productive as I wanted it to be, but at least I had the rest that I need. The real world beckons next week and I have to prepare for that as well.

Blood Tests

Went to Asian Hospital today to take the tests that my OB ordered. I'm ok with the blood draws but I really hated the glucose test. It's an Oral Glucose Challenge Test wherein I had to drink this 50mg sweet orangy thing (like Royal Tru Orange although sweeter). It took so much willpower from me not to throw up the thing and through it all, I kept in mind my mom's advise--repeating to myself "Don't throw up. Don't throw up." Because if I threw up, we had to do the whole thing all over thing and it's something that I was not looking forward to.

It's not yet finished though. After a few months, my OB will have me take the test again (or probably the tolerance test instead of the challenge where fasting is involved and probably a larger dose. Please no!).

Other than the OGCT, I had a urinalysis and 7 other blood tests. According to my OB, these are mandatory for pregnant women. I was squeamish as the medtech (or was that the nurse) had to extract 3 vials worth of blood. Aaarggggh! Ewwwww! Leo and I had to pay for the tests ourselves as these were not covered by my HMO. Good thing I have a discount card with Asian Hospital which gave us a 20% discount.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

David Archuleta

While searching for David Cook clips in Youtube, I saw David Archuleta videos as well. While viewing them I realized how pure his voice is. A different league from David Cook. Maybe after a few months, I will play this song (as well as other Christmas songs by David Archuleta) to my baby that I found in Youtube.

I know this is too early for Christmas but I almost cried when I heard this version:

Sorry if the video is not clear, but well, just listen to his voice and you'll know what I mean.

Not contented, I looked for other videos of David Archuleta and admittedly, I liked his version of the US National Anthem compared to David Cook. However, David Cook is still the best eye-candy there is.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Whose Fault Is It?

Yesterday, the Philippine Coast Guard washed their hands from the MV Princess of the Stars sinking incident. Saying that for typhoon signal #1, it's the owner's and ship captain's prerogative to sail.

Ok, I accept this but don't they have weather reports and everything? Did the weather report say that the storm will hit their route? Did they not see this coming? Did they think that their ship is strong enough to withstand strong winds and waves? Did the storm suddenly change course?

It's just so frustrating that a tragedy such as this could have been avoidable. I really can't understand it. No wonder the vice-admiral got a tongue-lashing from the president.

And these people! How can they travel knowing that the rains are hard and there's a storm? Did they not see that the rains are coming down hard? I get nervous just seeing rain while on a boat. I'd rather just wait for a storm to pass before I travel.   

So far as of Inquirer's breaking news as of 10AM this morning, 32 survivors have been found but 700 are still missing. Also, 5 have been confirmed dead. I still hope that they still can find the others. A group was found in a coastal town along Quezon.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Typhoon Frank

It's Milenyo all over again, although I think this storm is weaker than Milenyo which devasted Metro Manila almost two years ago. Nevertheless, there's still that scary feeling especially when you hear the wind and see the trees swaying. Living in an area where the streets are lined with big trees, one can get really nervous because some of them can get uprooted. And when that happens, roads are blocked, Meralco poles will come down and what have you.

I just heard in the news that a ship sank off the coast of Sibuyan Island in Romblon province and it was noted that this ship was carrying 700+ people and so far, they haven't found any survivors yet.The ship was found to have overturned with a hole in the side. Local flights have already canceled and people are already stranded in ports and airports.

Typhoon Frank is expected to leave Manila by tomorrow. I hope damage will be minimal and more lives will be spared.

Photo courtesy of

Friday, June 20, 2008

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

I've always been a CSI fan. Avid, rabid fan actually since Season 1. I religiously follow each season and even watch the reruns. I have the cases and the characters fascinating. However, I love the original version (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) more rather than the spin-offs (CSI: Miami and CSI: New York).

CSI is now on it's 8th season, well it did not have 20+ episodes due to the writer's strike but it was enough. I already watched the final episode today and I was really sad. Not only did they lose another cast member this season but maybe they'll be short of another one on Season 9--that is if they're still planning to come up with Season 9. Though I know they have to end sometime, I still hope they won't.

On a funny note, they're second to the last episode for this episode was hilarious. They were poking fun at themselves--especially when they were talking about the Emmy's. (They've been nominated four times but they haven't won.)  It was funny the way Gil Grissom said it. They were investigating the murder of an Emmy-winning comedian and he saw an Emmy statue at the corner, picked it up and said, "So this is what an Emmy looks like." Hahaha.

Anyway, with Sarah gone next season and probably another one, I hope the storylines and cases will still be interesting. It's funny though, I don't seem to find the blood and gore that comes with it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

See Spot Run!

I went to see my OB yesterday after seeing a couple of brown spots or otherwise known as spotting. I didn't know if it was indeed bleeding but I visited her just to make sure.

Prior to that, I had an exhausting day last Saturday. Leo and I went to SM Makati to buy gifts, maternity clothes and pabilins. In the middle of everything, I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous. We sat down somewhere while I tried to regain control over my stomach and my head. We then forged on and had dinner at Tony Roma's. I could barely finish my pasta and soup.

And we were not done. We were scheduled weeks before to watch Avenue Q that same night. So we went to RCBC plaza and caught the 8PM show of Avenue Q (which incidentally is very funny). It was already 11PM by the time we got home.

The next day, Sunday, Father's Day, I was not feeling very well. The nausea and dizziness came back full force and I threw up in the morning. Leo and I decided to stay at home so I can rest.

Anyway, as I previously mentioned, I saw my OB yesterday and told her my concerns. I was further agitated when I learned that morning that the wife of one of my officemates suffered a miscarriage. To put my mind at ease, she conducted an ultrasound where she checked for any hemmorhage or internal bleeding. Thank God everything's ok. My baby is growing beautifully (he/she is now a centimeter big and there was a shape already. We saw the head and what looks like the arms and the legs). Just to be safe (and I asked for this as well), I'm going to rest for the next couple of weeks. I could do away with the office stress and surprises that comes with the territory. Everyone told me to not worry about work and just to rest. I'm thankful that my officemates and team have been very supportive.

So I'm trying to figure out what would keep me from getting bored (and fat!) for the next couple of weeks. I already lost weight from all the throwing up (one pound) that I've been doing. It's ok though as I'll be gaining them once I begin my second trimester. I asked Leo to find me some movies which I can watch. I'll probably watch my Lord of the Rings series or probably do a CSI marathon. Or I'll probably finish my cross-stitch project which I haven't worked on for the past couple of weeks. We'll be putting off our Cebu trip this weekend as well. We'll probably go on our first year anniversary on September. I'll be on my 5th month by then and my OB said it's safe to travel. I won't be too big (hopefully) and it won't be too uncomfortable.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cebu, B?

Before I get too big to travel, Leo and I are planning to go to Cebu at the end of the month. I'm on leave for a week and I want to spend it somewhere else other than here at home. We initially thought of going to Hongkong but I'll probably be miserable as I don't have enough money to go shopping and I won't be able to enjoy HK Disneyland as I won't be able to walk as much as I want. So we're left with local choices.

Leo suggested Cebu and I liked the idea as we've always been planning to go to Cebu but those plans never seem to push through. Might as well.

Anyway, we would appreciate any suggestions on where to stay (preferably a pension house) and what to do and where to go while we're there. We're just going to stay at the Cebu proper and probably would not have enough time to go to Bohol. We'll probably just walk around and taste and see the sights. Would want to see Magellan's Cross but it's in Mactan Island (I need a Cebu map! I can't seem to get my geography straight!).

Would appreciate any suggestion. Thanks!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

There She Goes!

I threw up again this morning, much to Leo's worry. He badgered me to talk to his aunt who's also an OB-Gyne and ask if this is normal. I called it sick and agreed to talk to Tita Amy.

She said that what I feel is really normal and my nausea is caused by the baby's hormones. She mentioned that I should be thankful that I'm feeling this way which means that the baby is strong. She also spoke with Leo and reassured him that this is normal and would probably get worse as I near my 12th week. Tita Amy also gave him tips on what he should be feeding me and told me not to eat too much sweets. I'm approaching my 8th week and I don't know how this can get worse.

On a happier note, I still haven't gotten over watching David Cook. I still surf Youtube for some of his new TV appearances and old Idol performances. He's also appearing in Leno's show today (tomorrow in the US). Can't wait to watch that.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pregnancy Woes

I hated the fact that I threw up my lunch this afternoon, twice. It was so bad that I had to go home and rest. I got dizzy and I could barely stand. A usual symptom after a bad case of vomitting.

When I got home, I knew I have to eat something to replace the lunch that I lost, but I could barely get anything down. I settled on a sweetened saging na saba and yogurt juice drink. I'm glad it stayed down in my stomach. I had Leo buy me some Gatorade to help me replenish the fluids that I lost. I'm also glad that my dinner stayed far.

After taking a shower, I was shocked when I saw pimples peppering my forehead. I've always prided myself on my good complexion. Pimples were never a problem for me--except now. I think I counted more than 2 dozen small dots on my forehead. This really sucks.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How Rude!

Like any other day, I rode the shuttle going home.

Most of the shuttles are the van-type that can seat 16 at the back and another 2 in the front. Since I was early, I managed to secure a seat at the second row--and it's not on the folding seat which makes it more comfortable.

Amazingly though, for a supposedly first day of school, traffic was light this morning and even going home. I was already at the South exit in 30 minutes.

The shuttle that I take passes by Festival Mall before dropping me off at Alabang Town Center. When the shuttle turned left going to the Festival Mall area near Shopwise, somebody from the back yelled, "Para po!" Since it was unexpected, the driver was not able to stop immediately. Since it was also out of the way, the driver asked if she can get down near Seattle's Best instead. We were all surprised when she yelled, "Bababa na nga, mas marunong ka pa sa akin." It was so surprising as the driver was polite in asking her and she replied that way. So the two old ladies beside me got down so the girl at the back can get down. What made it worse was that this...this...girl slammed the seat up hitting me on the arm. Naturally, I yelled out in pain and she did not even say sorry or acknowledged that she managed to physically hurt someone in her rudeness.

I was so pissed and I wanted to confront her but the other ladies immediately got back on the van. I wanted to threaten her that if I suddenly miscarry, it will be all her fault and on her conscience.

I don't know what her problem was or if she was brought up that way. I'm thinking maybe she's having a bad day or she really just wanted to pick on someone. Whatever the case, she's a poor excuse of a human being.

Up to now, I'm still mad at the girl. Hopefully, this post will get rid of the negative energy so my baby and I can rest well tonight. It does not bode well to harbor negative energy.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

6 weeks and 5 days

This was actually my second ultrasound ever since I learned I was pregnant. According to this ultrasound (wherein my OB was also the sonologist), I'm 6 weeks and 5 weeks along which moved my due date from Jan 13 to Jan 24, 2009.

We also saw only one fetus. Thank God! At first I wanted twins but I'm high risk as it is (overweight) that carrying two of them would make this pregnancy really difficult and would give me more complications than I can handle. We also saw the heartbeat which is measured at 133 beats/minute. It was pretty amazing.

The fetus is still quite small measuring 7.8mm. I can't wait until I reach my 5th or 6th month so we can have a 4-D ultrasound and see who the baby will look like.

Expected Date of Delivery

Start:     Jan 24, '09
Location:     Makati Medical Center
My baby's expected date of delivery. Can be before or after. It'd be cool if my baby decides to be born on this day. It will count Miguel (my sister's child) and Tita Rosa as his/her co-birthday celebrants.

We have initially decided for me to give birth at Makati Medical Center as my OB prefers it there instead of Asian Hospital (I still haven't gotten over my experience with Asian). But we'll finally decide on that when my due date is near.