Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Thousand Years

I'm having a bad case of LSS where I cannot just get a song out of my head. People have described the song as "haunting" and it definitely has not stopped "haunting" my mind.

The song is A Thousand Years sung by Christina Perri. I first heard the song when it was used in the very famous "Meme Proposal" as seen in the video below:

Meme Proposal | Tim * Audrey from Crazy Monkey Studio on Vimeo.

I was surprised to  know that it actually came from The Breaking Dawn soundtrack. Even if I watched the movie, it must not be that good if I already forgot all about it.

I guess what makes it more meaningful is the message of the lyrics. Maybe that's why it's a perennial favourite to be used during weddings.

Anyway, I will surely be listening to this again tomorrow. I just hope that it won't be my LSS for a thousand more.