Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sunshine and Leo's Gift Registry and Wish List
For those who intend to give gifts, please check out the site for our registry and wish list.

He Passed!

In all the excitement that has happened, I forgot to post that Leo passed his Oral Comprehensive Exam and is now a candidate for graduation. He will march on October.

Each graduate is given 2 tickets but since Leo's dad is a professor, he has his own ticket. So Leo's Mom and I will be seating together.

Gosh, I really do need to get back to school. I intend to return on January. Since my field is now in Operations, I intend to take a subject that's really in my field. I'm thinking of Supply Chain Management. Also, if I could go back to my Production and Operations Management subject (hey, I did get a 4.0 there. Hehehe), I would appreciate it more.

This is the reason why interested people should take up their MBA when they've had more than 2 years (heck, 2 years is even less. Make it 5 years) working experience. It's difficult to appreciate a subject when you haven't really moved up the corporate ladder.I believe MBA is more suited for middle management people or team leaders. Makes it more meaningful and would make the student more appreciative.

There are exceptions though and Leo is one of them. He's an IT person and he just loves to study (he talks of taking DBA *shudder*). While me, I'm going to take up cooking classes after I finish my MBA. Why do I need it when I have people cooking for me? I guess it's just one of my childhood dreams (actually, my childhood dream is to own a grocery store/supermarket, but that's another story). I've always loved cooking and this would help me to enhance my skills more. And who knows? I might take an early retirement and just focus on cooking/baking.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Reflective Thinking - Taking the 8th Habit Challenge: The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007

My Nomination for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs

Blogs I Read

I have an intermittent internet connection so I don't have the luxury of visiting blogs as much as I would want to. However, these are the blogs that I have bookmarked and visit whenever I have the connection and the time:

An Apple A Day
Mermaid's Sneakers
Occupation: SAHM
Life on Prospect Avenue
Deeper Shade of Soul
Norrie's Good Life
Life's a Passionate Bitch
Mommyba's Journey


Back to Work!

My doctor gave me my clearance to return to work yesterday. I'll be going back to work on Monday. Oh joy joy. I'm really looking forward to going back to the daily grind. I can only take so much inactivity. Yes, I've been busy this past week printing out invitations and making lists of all the stuff that we still need to accomplish.

My counter says that we have 1 month and 5 days till our wedding. Time surely flies by SOOO fast. I'm trying to pscyhe myself that there will things that will not go as planned. No wedding is perfect but I'll try my damnest to make it as perfect as possible.

Anyway, that's 5 more weekends to go to accomplish all the stuff before our wedding. As of now, I just want to get it over with! Aaaargggh!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

All Clear!

I had another check-up with Dr. Ejercito this morning. He removed all 3 of my bandages and said I could take a bath normally without covering them up. The wounds have nicely healed and in his words, "Your wounds are the most beautiful wounds I've ever seen". (Oh doc, you say that to all your patients. Hehe). I've recovered quite nicely and I'm ready to tackle work.

He gave me my return to work clearance as well. I'm ready to return on Monday. He said I could return to my normal activities -- exercise, swimming, sit-ups and whatever. I was also supposed to accompany my father-in-law to the La Salle-Ateneo game this afternoon (Ateneo won in overtime. My father-in-law would be very bummed). But Leo said I should just stay home and rest. So I did just that.

Actually, I watched the game (some parts of it) on TV and alternated by watching Heroes (I'm on my 12th episode!).

This would also mean I'm going back home to BF. Even though it's already tempting to stay here, my stuff are still in BF. Also, I would have no way of going home everyday. I'm practically helpless without a car. At least in BF, I have no problems with transportation. Jeeps, shuttles and tricycles abound.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Claudine and Jeff's Wedding

Contract signing (wala nang atrasan!)

Pictures taken from my Palm Pilot at Claudine and Jeff's wedding last April 2004.

Despedida de Soltera

Start:     Aug 26, '07 12:00p
Location:     TBA
Party thrown by the parents of the bride. Literally translated, it means "Farewell to Maidenhood"

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Palms Country Club
Our Wedding Reception Venue

ANIMA Choir | ..makes your special occasion extra special...
Our church choir

Anima Choir

We have a new choir and I'm very very happy with this new one.

Check out their site and download some of their songs. They're really, really AS IN REALLY good.

Try to download their version of "Now That I Have You".

HP7: The Deathly Hallows (Spoilers that need answers)

Ok, I'm finished with the book and I'm still very emotional. It's absolutely fantastic! Great ending for a great series. I'll write a more comprehensive review when I'm in a better frame of mind.

I have one question that's bothering me though and I hope somebody can answer:

What was the fluid that flowed out of Severus Snape in the end and why was there no mention of it in the final moments of the book?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Laparoscopy -- A Wonderful Thing

I came home Tuesday night with a nagging pain at my lower right side. I tried ignoring it and even ruling out appendicitis as other than the pain, I was feeling ok. No fever, no vomiting. I retired early and slept regardless of the pain.

However, I woke up around 130am Wednesday with the pain continuing to be persistent. I could not ignore it anymore so I asked my aunt to bring me to Asian Hospital. Though Medical Center Paranaque is relatively nearer, I did not want to go there (after all, it was where my Lola died).

Upon getting to Asian, a nurse took my vitals and my aunt called Leo. The ER people took a blood sample for a complete blood count. The ER doctor on duty readily called it as appendicitis but they need to do some tests to make sure. Leo arrived around 3 am and stayed with me. When the results came back an hour later, my white blood count was
quite high which is an indication that there is an infection. The ER doctor had me admitted.

It was a battery of tests from then on. I was also endorsed to my OB-Gyne to rule out any gynelogical problems. From the ER, I was taken to the "Genesis" area where I stayed for observation. My attending physician, Dr. Carlos Ejercito, saw me there as well. He explained to me his suspicions and ordered more tests. I was taken to the Ultrasound station afterwards to check my pelvic area. The ultrasound doctor saw my still-polycystic ovaries and possibly a swollen fallopian tube. They took me back to the Genesis area afterwards to await for the next set of tests.

After an hour of waiting, I was told that my room is available but instead of taking me there, they took me back to the Emergency Room. My sister, dad and brother arrived. It was already 9 am and according to the doctors, I should eat something before 10 am. My family fed me a small croissant and orange juice. By 10am, I was taken to my OB Gyne's clinic where I was further examined and probed. She said she'll just give me antibiotics for the swelling but it's still up to my attending physician whether I can be discharged.

I was then taken to my semi-private room on the 8th floor. My health plan entitles me for a regular private room but the hospital was fully booked. My sister and I settled down and I tried to catch up on my sleep. A few minutes later, the nurse woke me up telling me that I can't stay in the room as I'm sharing a room with a male patient which apparently is against their house rules. So they transferred me to another room at another floor.

When I got there, there was already a female patient occupying one of the beds and the vacant bed is beside the window. No wonder she did not stay there. The room's thermostat was broken and it was so bloody cold in the bloody room.

My attending physician saw me again and saw the results of the ultrasound (Pelvic Inflammation). He said that he does not agree with the verdict as the pain that I was feeling was relatively high to be considered Pelvic Inflammation. He ordered a CT-Scan as a final check. If the scan results are ok, he'll release me the next day.

At 730 pm, I was taken to the ultrasound room. I never realized that it can be so uncomfortable and the nurse on duty was so cold. It was over in less than 15 minutes and was I soooo GLAD. After that, I was taken back to my room.

When I got back, Leo's mom was waiting for me. She brought food as well as dinner for my sister (I haven't eaten since 10 am that morning--doctor's orders).

At 9 pm, the nurse came in with a weighing scale. He said that they need to take my weight for my operation. We just stared at him in shock. Operation? What Operation? Apparently, when my CT-Scan results came in, the nurse called my doctor and told him what they saw. Apparently, my appendix, which should be the size of an IV tube has swelled to the size of my little finger.

My aunt, dad and brother arrived a few minutes later and we told them the news. My mom also called sounding panicky.

By then, I was accepting my fate already and began to mentally prepare myself. Dr. Ejercito came in after 930 and gave me options. I could go with Option A wherein I will be sliced open and my appendix will be cut out. For that I would have to go through spinal anasthesia and recovery time would be a month. Option B is called laparoscopy wherein he will just make 3 incisions (1 for the camera, 1 for the cutting tool, and another where my appendix will be pulled out). I don't have to be cut open and recovery will be fast. General anaesthesia will only be used. Of course, Option B sounds better so I chose that (although it is more expensive).

I was picked up at 10pm where I was taken to radiology for chest x-rays (they said they need it for the operation--I have no idea for wwhat purpose), and then straight to the operating prep room. I dozed off for awhile and then I woke up when they wheeled me in the operating room. The doctor was there and the nurses where moving around preparing what it is they need. The doctor remarked that I looked pale. I just it was just so cold. It was my first operation and it would only be logical that I be scared. My curiousity apparently, was more powerful than my fright. Next thing I knew, I was asleep.

I woke up in the recovery room when they tried injecting me with something on my skin. I groggily asked what it was for and they said they were skin testing one of my meds. I dozed off again and I could feel something squeezing my right arm. Apparently, they have this apparatus attached on my arm which automatically takes my BP every 5 to 10 minutes. I also have something on my finger which triggers something when I move.

Probably a few minutes after, they wheeled me back to my room where I slept off the rest of the anaesthesia. I "woke" up around 7 am the next morning. I gladly ate my first meal after almost 24 hours of no food and drinks. I also had my first bath in 36 hours. I felt so refreshed! My stomach was pinching and I could not bring myself to look at the bandages.

My brother who stayed with me during the night said that the doctor called him after the operation. They showed him my appendix and how hard it was. Apparently, it was ready to burst when he operated on me. Thank God they got it on time.

By lunch, I learned that my health insurance will not fully cover the bill as I chose an operation which has a cap.

I lost my appetite when I learned that my running bill is already at 100Kphp!!! And that was excluding my doctor's professional fees. I called my boss and our HR and after a few hours in tenterhooks, I was told to just charge it and the office will just reimburse me for it. I made another phone call to temporarily increase my company card credit limit and I paid the balance (don't ask now much).

I was discharged, Thursday night, 36 hours after I was admitted. Laparoscopy is indeed a good choice. I can walk now although I still find difficulty in sitting up.  I'm going back to my doctor on Monday so he can take out the bandages. I'll know also when I can go back to work--not that I'm looking forward to it but I need to rest and recuperate.

I'm just glad that it's over and done with. All the things that they did to me were so uncomfortable. At least the hospital's amenities were all modern and high-tech. The bed was comfortable and the room was spacious--for a semi-private room. They need to improve on their service though. I was transferred so many times and apparently, the meds which I was supposed to take were not given to me. The doctors though were all top-notch. I was told that my doctor has a good reputation. He's also very nice and looking at his card, he also has clinics in Makati Med and Medical City. He must be that good to have clinics in Type A hospitals. I'm happy that I only have 1 appendix that needs to be removed and I should not worry about it anymore.

The next time that I go back to the hospital is when I'm giving birth. No more.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Probably Last Posts

We're already nearing the 1 month mark and after that, I don't think I'll be able to post anymore. Our weekends are fully booked for our wedding preparations.

Yesterday was a full day for us. Leo picked me up right before lunch and we brought my wedding banns to Parish of the Ressurection of our Lord our BF which is the parish that I belong to. The wedding banns will be read/posted for the next 3 Sundays and I'm supposed to get certification from them after that which we would need to submit to St. James.

After that, we went to Edwin Valerio also at BF where Leo got measured for his barong and pants.

We then proceeded to Palms for our food tasting. Man, their food is really superb. To those attending my wedding, make sure you try the Pumpkin Bisque with semi-whipped cream. We had the chef make the broth a bit thicker.

They revised the package that we're getting and we also got their strings to play at the church. Since we're getting an acapella choir, they can only sing so much.

After that very filling meal and paying for the 50% of the final bill (don't even ask), Leo and I went to Papemelroti at Alabang Town Center to get our giveaways. They all turned out ok. I just need to find a nice twine/ribbon to wrap them up. The twine that they used is and doesn't go well with our "theme".

We also dropped by St. James to give them an affidavit for my name (I thought that I would need to legally change my name. They just made me accomplish a notarized affidavit).

Our pre-nup pictorial with Jong is scheduled on the 24th of August. I have no leaves left so we can only do it during my leave prior to the wedding. Hopefully we can have some nice photos to show during the wedding.

I've also initially drafted my "guest sheets". Instead of a guest book we're going to have guest sheets. These will be distributed to the guests when they enter and they can fill it up while waiting for us. We'll then have them bound afterwards.

We're meeting with our coordinator next week. So far things are still going according to plan.

Sangalang-David Wedding Reception Menu

We finalized the reception menu yesterday at Palms. Everything's so scrumptious!


Graved lox with honey mustard sauce
Smoked meats with Dijon mustard
Assorted maki with wasabe dip
Oriental glass noodle salad with shrimps
Pate de champagne with Cumberland sauce
Vietnamese vegetable spring rolls with chili dip
Frittata with sun-dried tomato and parma ham
Assorted mesclun greens topped with crab sticks*


French, Caesar, Balsamic Vinaigrette*, Croutons, Parmesan cheese, bacon bits, chopped eggs and roasted nuts

Freshly baked selection served with butter*


Pumpkin bisque with slivered almonds and semi-whipped cream*


Slow roasted Australian beef rib-eye with black pepper sauce

Assorted sushi and sashimi selection

Pork tenderloin with mushroom ragout
Tandoori chicken with cucumber salsa*
Monterey-jack cheese-baked prawns and lapu-lapu*
Braised paupiette Maison with red wine shallot reduction* (changed to U.S. Beef Top Blade with Red Wine Shallot reduction)
Fettucine with creamy smoked salmon sauce
Stir fried vegetable julienne
Chinese fried rice


Assorted fresh fruit platter
Assorted fruit tartlets
Blueberry cheesecake
Chocolate decadence with caramel sauce* (changed to English Bread Pudding)
Ice cream station with toppings
Freshly brewed coffee or tea

Those in * are what we tried during the food tasting. We definitely recommend the pumpkin bisque. Really delicious.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Harry Potter

Okay, I'm such a fangirl. I can't wait for the movie to come out next week and for the book to come out of the 21st. I already persuaded Leo to reserve tickets at the Imax theater although we only got tickets for the 21st/22nd. Tickets for this coming weekend is already sold out. The version showing in MOA IMax has the last 20 minutes in 3d. Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

I wish Transformers has an Imax version. I was literally blown out of my seat when we watched it at Greenbelt 3. Like a typical Michael Bay film, there were a lot of explosions. As GB3's THX is really good, you could literally feel your chair shaking everytime something explodes onscreen.

Anyway, back to Harry Potter. I also just finished watching Harry Potter 4 on DVD and I can't wait how HP5 the movie will turn out. Looking forward to a lot of things--the confrontation of Voldemort and Harry Potter in the end for one.

As for the book, I don't think I'll be able to sleep once I get the copy. I'll no doubt stay awake all night going through it. I really wonder who's going to die.

PS. Leo's defense will be on Wed, July 11. As a requirement for his MBA degree, he needs to defend his STRAMA paper. Buti pa siya, tapos na. I hope to go back to school by January next year.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wedding Updates!

My counter just showed that our wedding is 1 month and 4 weeks away. Gosh, it's just around the corner!!!

I went on half day leave today for our canonical interview. It was first-come first-served so Leo picked me up at 830am. We were the 3rd couple to arrive.

I was a bit nervous at first because of the requirements. As I previously mentioned, my confirmation and baptismal certificates carries "Sunshine" as my second name whereas my birth certificate does not have a 2nd name. I dread the thought that the church coordinator would request that I rectify all my records. Thankfully though, she just asked me to accomplish an affidavit stating that I'm one and the same. That's one less problem to think about.

As for the interview itself, the priest certainly took his time. The first couple spent 30 minutes with him! Good thing the coordinator called another priest to help out (there were more than 10 couples to be interviewed!). The 2nd priest that we were assigned to just read our answers to the questionnaires, asked us where we met and where were work. And then he asked us what would make our marriage work. Of course, as we already attended Discovery Weekend, we had our answers. When we told the priest this, he just nodded and signed the form. Our interview was done in less than 10 minutes. When he left the room, the couple before us was still with the other priest!

As for my gown, an officemate took pity on me and accompanied me to Cecil's for another fitting. We decided to put cap sleeves with beading. At least it will cover my problem areas. I'm happier now. I just need to get the pictures that they took.

So, what's left? The invites, which we will be getting in a couple of weeks (incidentally, we just found out that the initial of Leo's Best Man was incorrect! It was too late to change it so we just apologized profusely); the giveaways which we will also be getting soon (for the guests, this nice thing from Papemelroti which will be filled with Hershey's Kisses and for the female principal sponsors, a nice Papemelroti lalagyan with Mary Jane's fruitcake and for the male principal sponsors, wine--Fortant Merlot and Chardonnay); misalette, which we will probably have printed. Just minor things actually.

This weekend, we'll be finalizing the flowers for the church as well as the menu for the buffet (yes, we decided on buffet. A lot of people will kill me if I do sit-down). I'll also call the cakemaker to reconfirm our order (he's the only supplier I have who did not ask for downpayment--much to the consternation of my mother-in-law). We still do not have a schedule for our prenuptial pictorial. I wonder if it would be an issue if we have it done the week before. I'll check on Jong.

Hay, ang lapit na!!!!!!!

I need to finalize our guest list though. We might over-invite and I'll just be beside myself if all of them show up. That's my worst nightmare actually.