Saturday, February 25, 2012

A New Office View

It's barely a month into the year of the dragon and it has been quite interesting indeed.

Last Feb. 3, I said goodbye to this office view,

and on Feb. 6, I said hello to this:

In the late afternoon, I could even see Manila Bay:

I spent more than two years with my last employer and it was relatively a vacation compared to my job previous to that. I had relatively more time to do stuff that I've put on hold before. Probably the best highlight of my stay there was that I was able to finish my MBA and I saw most of my son's milestones as I'm home an hour after 530PM.

My new job is challenging and I am able to use whatever I learned in my previous jobs as well as utilize my MBA. I'm not able to go home at 530PM as I extend until 630 but then it is impossible to go home on time because the elevators are always packed. Probably that's one of the things I miss about my previous job. Getting to my office floor to the ground floor and vice versa does not require lining up for minutes end and if I'm impatient enough, I could take the stairs. Unfortunately, taking the stairs to my current office floor is daunting as I'm on the 37th floor.