Saturday, July 19, 2014

US Vacation 2014

at the plane with Basti

at HKIA taking a break
We've been planning this US trip since my husband's aunt informed us of the date of her son's (my husband's cousin) ordination to the Catholic priesthood. That was our primary reason for the trip and it will be the first time that we'll be bringing our son on a long haul trip.

We bought our tickets sometime March and my countdown began. Unlike our 2011 trip where we had something planned to do almost every day, we took it easy this time around. It's hard to travel with a toddler as being in the US involves a LOT of walking.

A few weeks before we left, I had to do some major shopping for pasalubong for my relatives in the US and I have tons of them. The most popular item that they wanted was the Monopod. Fortunately, I found a cheaper supplier in Greenhills and bought a dozen of them. Our Cathay Pacific flight left on May 16 with a layover at Hongkong and will arrive in Newark at May 16 in the evening.


I have no complaints regarding our flight on the way to the US. Our plane model would let you charge your device via their USB plugs and would even serve Haagen Daas ice cream for dessert!

When we arrived in Jersey, it was raining and temperature was down in the teens (celsius). We quickly cleared immigration and found our bags. My sister found me a few minutes later. After loading our stuff in the van we hurried to their house 45 minutes away.