Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oishi Baconette Strips

I wish I am paid when I write about all the food that I'm eating. I would probably have enough money to be able to pay for all my trips abroad. Anyway, for free or not, I just have to write about this new snack that I discovered while grocery-shopping this afternoon.

Oishi Marty's was known for its vegetarian chicharon. Yes, chicharon that tastes like chicharon but without the guilt! Supermarkets would run out of stock as people would trip over each other buying it. Now, they are at it again. This time, healthifying (is there such a word?) bacon! Whoever thought bacon would be healthy?! But the good and wonderful people of Oishi found a way to make this notoriously high cholesterol breakfast item into a relatively healthy snack.

The 3.17oz/90g (pictured above)pack costs P14.95 at SaveMore. You just have to taste it.