Wednesday, May 26, 2004


My SO and I will be celebrating our third month together on Friday. He gave me an early gift (a favorite scent from Body Shop) and apologized profusely since I won't be getting any flowers this month. I don't mind though. It was still very very sweet of him.

First day of classes actually started last Monday, but my first subject will be tomorrow. I'm excited going back to school. I miss leaving the office at 530 pm and being harassed to death by groupmates and teachers. SO and I will be having classes on Saturday afternoon (though we won't be classmates). Maybe next term.

Speaking of office, it's been really hectic at work. With the spate of resignations from management, no doubt, there will be a round of promotions or new hirees soon. I'll just wait.

Watched Shrek 2 last weekend. It's a very fun film to watch. Of all the movies I've watched this past month, that was the best. My favorite character is Puss in Boots (check out that intro!) oh and don't forget the Fairy Godmother. She was a blast (especially when she was singing "I Need a Hero" which, according to SO was originally sang by Bonnie Tyler)! Hope that they'll come out with movies such as that.

Finally saw/heard Allan's "Sasakyan Kita" song at My Myxx last weekend. It's indeed very catchy and I'm been singing it on and off these past few days. Now if I can just find another song to throw this song out of my head.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Lovely Tagaytay

Tagaytay is indeed beautiful, especially at night. Just got back from a bonding session with my officemates held at PJ's house. The weather was so conducive for bed that I did not want to leave. PJ's house was also very beautiful. It defines the word "resthouse". You'll definitely want to rest if you see the house. Thing was, Leo was with me and we were not ready to stay over. We left Tagaytay around 10 pm (after a couple of beers for Leo and Vodka Ice for me) and I got home an hour and a half later.

Leo and I were actually the first ones to arrive in Tagaytay. Not wanting to sludge through late afternoon South Expressway traffic, we left Alabang around 3 pm and arriving an hour later. Leo and PJ played an X-box game afterwhich, we watched "Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory" (I was so overjoyed when I saw this DVD filed among PJ's stuff. I insisted that we watch it. I remember loving this movie when I was a kid but could not remember the story). You'll definitely not get bored if you live in their house. He has so many gadgets and leisure stuff you'll never notice the time.

It was a blast bonding with my officemates. I've been with the department for 4 years now yet this is the first time that I really feel close to them. Maybe this new crowd is different. There has been talk that there will be another one. I do hope so and next time, I'm definitely sleeping over.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Tough Love

I will never understand my mom, nor will she ever understand me. Ever since I was a kid we never did see eye to eye. We don't have confrontations or anything since I'm always the one who backs down, but I've always felt that she can never see my side.

I remembered the time when she insisted that I go to La Salle and not to UP or UST (my choices). Of course she got her way in the end. And my choice of boyfriends! She always had something negative to say about them. Of course, I do concede that she wants the best for me and she turned out right. If I did not go to La Salle, I would not have met the best friends in the world. If I stuck to my guns and still stayed with my previous boyfriends, I would not be with the greatest guy in the world.

Our recent battle involves my weight. She has been nagging me to lose weight ever since she learned about my skyrocketing cholesterol levels. She keeps on sending me emails wherein she lists the reasons why I should lose weight etc. etc. I did lose weight last March (16 lbs) but due to pains, I had to stop (and thereby gaining what I lost). Did I mention that she was still not yet happy with that 16 lbs? I ignored her and her emails for the past few weeks. However, her email today was the clincher. I felt so hurt that I broke down and cried. My S.O. (Significant Other) called me and I cried while he listened on the other end of the line. I'm going to print her email and that will be my motivation.

I love my mom and I know that she loves me very much. As my S.O. said, it's a tough kind of love.

Her recent email further lowered my self-esteem another notch. It made me feel that I never did anything right; that her expectations of me are so high and I'm pressuring myself to meet them. I have nothing to say in my defense because she's right. That I don't have the willpower to lose weight.

What now, you ask? Well, I'm walking and doing tae-bo. I don't know if that's enough for her. Like I always did, I'll ignore this email and will ignore her calls as well. That's why I try to be out of the house everytime she would call. Talking to her is the last thing I want. And maybe one day, I'll do something which will be good enough for her.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Dress Code

Management decided to "strictly" implement a dress code for officers. I was a bit surprised there since there has always been one but it's not being strictly followed. Jeans are not allowed during Fridays yet managers, even HR personnel, are in jeans when Friday arrives. When I read the memo, I felt like I was in college again where dress code is strictly implemented lest you would want a trip to the DO.

Because of this dress code, I was forced to buy closed shoes this weekend. I think I'm the only female (or maybe part of a very small minority) who hates shopping. It's not a fun experience because my body type/foot type is not an easy size to find. With my bum heel, it made shopping more painful than it already is. It took almost a whole day spent walking around the Glorietta complex (that includes Landmark, Glorietta and SM) before I found a pair that fits and is acceptable to the office dress code. I did play a bit of a rebel by buying mules since it's still closed shoes! (I just confirmed that mules are allowed. Darn!)

This afternoon, I tried my luck at Alabang Town Center and Festival Mall. This time around, I'm looking for office sandals. I found a nice pair at ATC but my size is out of stock. Argh!

Saturday, May 15, 2004


I was not looking forward to this movie. I mean, I'm not a fan of Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom (whom I adore) plays a pansy prince in the movie. What else is there to look forward to in this film? Well, I was in for a pleasant surprise.

For one, I fell in love with Brad Pitt all over again. I fell in love with him in Meet Joe Black but dropped him when I saw him in 7 Years in Tibet and Ocean's 11 (he did nothing but eat in this movie. I swear, every scene has him eating. I already have enough problems with my eating habits as it is!) and his other nonsense films. But this film, oh wow! Leo had to wipe the drool off my face! Never mind if Brad's face does not change expressions or if he does that trademark brooding expression of his. But he looks absolutely adorable!

And Orlando Bloom! That's another surprise. I really despised his character especially the time he went running back to his brother just when Menalaus was going to kill him. I was not familiar with the story but I wanted Menalaus to kill him then and there. I felt that Orlando Bloom betrayed the memory of Legolas by playing such a cowardly role. Oh but he redeemed himself in the end. I could not help but jump up in my seat and scream "Legolas!" just when he was shooting arrows at Brad Pitt. I gave Paris a round of applause just as much as I would give Legolas. Nevertheless, of all Orlando Bloom's characters, it's Paris I like the least. Heck, I like his character in Black Hawk Down more! At least in Black Hawk Down, his character died with honor.

Too bad there's less time devoted on Sean Bean's character as well (Odysseus). Once again, he reprises his role as a warrior by playing a king who was called to battle by Agamemnon. He was a wonder in the battlefield.

The fight scenes were also impressive. Something like Gladiator probably (but then Gladiator was very bloody. Wolfgang Petersen showed bloody restraint in this movie), but not quite. I liked the scene between Brad Pitt and the giant where the fight was over in seconds (is that a trademark move of his? Jumping and piercing the enemy's neck/shoulder?). And the fight between Hektor and Achilles is also something to behold. I also can't help but shed a tear (one tear lang ha!) over the emotional scene between Achilles and Hektor's father. Found it corny though when Achilles cried over Hektor's body.

Overall, I liked the movie. I'll definitely get a DVD of this and watch the party where Paris was shooting his arrows. (See, I do have a backbone! And I will show all of you even if it will remind all of you of Legolas!)

Sick Day

Called in sick yesterday. I've been looking forward to spending the whole day at home and channel surfing but I ended up being bored to death. There was absolutely nothing to watch on TV and I find getting up to find a decent DVD to watch painful (or I'm just plain lazy). My heel was still hurting yesterday I decided to give it a rest. I succumbed today and took one of the pain relievers that my doctor prescribed. I hate them pills. I don't want to be dependent on them. Heck, I don't want to be dependent on any medicine. Even if I'm suffering from an asthma attack, I try to bear it hoping it would go away (which it does, most of the time). But when it's already bothering me, that's when I use my inhaler.

Something about these inhalers made me think about that Stephen King movie (I think the title is "It"). Where these kids were being chased inside a cave and one of them was an asthmatic. He had his inhaler in his hand and was inhaling like crazy. Hopefully, my kids (if ever I have them), won't become an asthma like me ("Hi, my name is Sunshine and I'm an asthmatic).

Home is also not the way it used to be. I guess things already changed. There was a time when this house was so full but now, it feels so empty. I know how my dad feels now. My two sisters are living with their husbands in Quezon City (most of the time) which leaves me, my brother and his spouse and my dad. That's still company, but it feels different. My two sisters are usually the animated ones. They bring colour to our family. But i guess we've grown up now. Time will come when I will also be leaving the house, either to get married or just move out on my own.

Speaking of getting married, I had a chat with a friend the other night when I was feeling so down. We talked about weddings and stuff and we laughed when I told her that I already have a wedding dress in mind (as if I'm getting married soon. But well, girls should be prepared for things like these). When I was in my teens, I never even thought of boys, weddings and what have you. Heck, not even in college or after that. Yes, I received a proposal and accepted, but it was nothing solid like this. I actually have a wedding gown in mind already! Mind you, it's a very difficult decision since my body type is not one which can readily accomodate any design from the modelling runway. I'm FAT. Thankfully not obese but FAT. Either I kill myself trying to get thin just to fit into a size 8 dress, or I think of a dress which would fit my body type. I chose the latter. I can be fit and pretty! Sa pagdadala lang naman yan eh. Hopefully my insecurities won't get the best of me.

Anyway, enough of that. I'll discuss wedding dresses when/if I get my proposal.

Thursday, May 13, 2004


OW..OW...OWWWWWWWWWWWWI think I'm destined to be fat. I seriously decided to lose weight early this year and I did. Problem was, I got hit by a nasty case of back ache (up to now) which made me stop going to the gym. After receiving clearance from my doctor, I went walking last Tuesday for 40 minutes or so. Upon waking up this morning, Thursday, my right heel was aching like hell. It was aching so much that putting weight on it would make me curse in pain. This made me so cranky the whole day that I was snapping at almost everyone, even my poor clueless SO. I had my foot bandaged and I'm limping and hopping like mad.


There's a new channel in SKY. It's called ETC and it's an absolutely wonderful channel! They have shows such as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (which is about guy makeovers), Conan O'Brien (I find him funnier than Jay Leno), Iron Chef (weeee!) and SNL (at last!). This channel is going to turn me into a tv junkie. It lives up to its name. I'm definitely entertained.

However, there's this show there which sounds a bit weird. I forgot the show's title but the concept of the reality show is that the parents get to choose out of 3 guys, who will date their daughter. The guys would go through several "tests" and one test which I find amusing is the lie detector test. Like duh! Isn't that bordering to paranoia?


The National Elections is finally over. I was able to vote for president and VP, but I was not able to complete my line-up of Senators. It's funny that we have 48 candidates for senators yet I only managed to choose 8. Am I being to picky?


Went to Subic last weekend with my officemates and my wonderful SO (he did the driving! God, such a patient man!). It was basically sightseeing and duty free galore. We were 11 in the group and only 4 were left Sunday morning. It was, after all, mother's day and the rest of the guys needed to get home to their respective mothers. The four of us (Leo, me, my boss and another officemate), went to Clark where we met with the SO of our boss and visited this new resort called Clearwaters. Really nice place except for the flying insects. Ugh.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Van Helsing

I found the movie very funny. Compounded by the fact that the stranger seated on my other side slept throughout the movie and was snoring very soundly.

Like any movie review, there are good points and the bad points. Since I found the movie ok, let's go with the good points first.

I can't find anything to complain about with regards to the special effects department. Stephen Sommers is known for his fantasy films ("The Mummy" and the corresponding sequel) and he managed to deliver in that area. However, there are some sweeping shots which reminds me of Lord of the Rings (like scenes where Gandalf fell in the abyss, the shot of the trees and Orthanc burning). Nevertheless, the effects are nothing to complain about. Make sure you watch the movie in a theater with a good Dolby sound surround (Cinema 1 or 2 are good theaters to watch this movie in).

The film is also full of eye candy. I can't help but drool when Hugh Jackman ripped his shirt off and showed that really muscled chest which made him famous. There was also an instance when you think that Wolverine will be jumping into the screen. Kate Beckinsale is also very scrumptious (long curly hair, figure hugging blouse and pants). I was so envious when she and Hugh engaged in that short liplock. The Brides of Dracula also filled out very nicely. They're so beautiful in their low-cut dresses showing their generous cleavage (except for the other one who has no cleavage to speak of). One bride reminded me of Sarah Jessica Parker's character in Hocus Pocus. And speaking of reminder, the guy who played Count Dracula reminds me so much of Kevin Roy--lead singer of Razorback. I don't know why. Must be the hair.

David Wenham is also surprising here (did I get his name right?). We all know him as the guy who played Boromir's brother, Faramir in the Lord of the Rings series. He looks like Faramir but he doesn't sound like Faramir. In Van Helsing, he played a very authentic monk/friar/priest. He's a cross between James Bond's Q and Robinhood's Friar Tuck. Go figure.

Let's now go into the debit side of this movie.

Actually, it would depend on how you take it. The movie is absolutely cheesy. There is no plot to speak of and the dialogues are so cheesy that you can use it to bake a family sized Shakey's garlic and cheese pizza! It's so cheesy to the point of being amusing that you can't help but laugh. Good thing the theater has a good sound system which prevented my other seatmates from hearing me laugh. It somehow reminded me of Arnold Schwazzeneger's quips as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin.

The premises used in the movie is also questionable. Being familiar with the fantasy genre, I found the idea of having vampire children amusing--especially the way they were made. It's like they laid eggs or something.

The movie is still an amusing watch. It's something that you would want to see if there's nothing else for you to do. Besides, I want to hear those cheesy lines again.

Monday, May 03, 2004

To be or not to be....a very good question

Enrolled for my 3rd term (1st term for SY 2004-05) in Business Graduate School today. It was rather quick and a very big difference from our enrollment during College. I was done in less than 10 minutes (downtime aside). All I have to do now is to pay (and I could charge it too!).

I'm seriously thinking of teaching on the side. Not only will it be a good source of additional income, but I get to share all the things that I've learned. I will definitely not be teaching in La Salle. Thinking of other schools that's in the NCAA spectrum. Probably somewhere near. Either JRC or RTC. Still have to decide whether undergrad or grad school. Next step would be to talk to friends who's studying in those schools and see what area I can teach.

Teaching was a career choice ages ago. I don't know why I abandoned it. I do like to teach, actually, I like holding team buildings and the such. If I could incorporate those team building stuff into teaching, learning could actually be fun.

We'll just see.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Movie Marathon

It's the first time ever that Leo and I had a full weekend to ourselves in Manila. Movie buffs we are, we spent the whole weekend watching four new movies. Last Friday we watched "School of Rock". Saturday we watched two movies back to back, "Starsky and Hutch" and "Hellboy", and as for today, we caught "Man on Fire".

Of all those four movies we saw, I liked "Hellboy" the best and "Man on Fire" the least. I liked "Hellboy" because it reminded me of my friends. The guys who are so into fantasy/sci-fi stuff/comic stuff. I don't know if they already saw the film, but I hope they have. HB (as what the secret agents call him) or Red (as what his love interest calls him) really rocks! Especially when he was packing those rounds.

"Man on Fire" is directed by Tony Scott. Same guy who directed Tom Cruise in "Days of Thunder" and "Top Gun". The cinematography of this movie was just outstanding. Thing is, it was pretty long. It ran for almost 2 hours and a half. I was kind of disappointed with the ending though. The plot was pretty simple ("You-killed-someone-who-was-very-dear-to-me-after-not-caring-for-someone-for-a-bloody-long-time-so-now-you-have-to-die). I even thought that it's like the plot of our Filipino movies. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. In this case, Denzel's character was kiling everyone who had to do with a certain person's "death".

"School of Rock" and "Starsky and Hutch" are just so-so. Not anything I would want to see again. Found them pretty boring too. It's something that I can only watch once.

Going to Subic this weekend for our department outing. Can't believe we managed to settle on a place and date. We've been arguing about the venue for weeks. It was originally supposed to be Puerto Galera but the date and venue was changed due to unavailability. Hopefully, we'll all be able to go. As usually, I'm in charge with the logistics etc.

Enrollment for my third term (first term for SY 2004-05) starts tomorrow. Will be taking up the last of my pre-MBA subjects. Hopefully I'll do better this term.

I'm seriously thinking of teaching. Which subject and what school are questions which I still haven't answered. Two things for sure. First, the school will definitely be not La Salle and second, the subject will definitely be business or banking since that's my expertise.