Tuesday, April 09, 2013

What Happened, 2013?

Oh my gosh, I can't believe the first quarter of 2013 is up and gone. I don't know whether to be embarrassed or disappointed that I did not even have one post for the first quarter of 2013. When 2012 ended, I know I swore to myself that I will strive to write on my blog more often but I fell short on that promise.
Too many things in my mind, apparently. Some of them too private to share or I've somehow fallen into the trap of editing my posts to fit into the shorter character requirement of Facebook or Twitter.

I had to search through my Facebook timeline to recap what has happened to me the first quarter. Probably the highlight of which was my twin sister's visit to the country since she was here 5 years ago. This time around, she's with her two very cute children. It was an opportunity for us to bond and for our kids to finally meet each other.

As we were short with funds, we just opted to stay in Manila while they had a short jaunt in Batangas for a quick dive. When they returned, I took them around the Metro to see some malls and sites. Probably the most memorable of which was our visit to Ocean Park and our spa moment together.

I really miss my twin sister. We're not really close-close but she's a comforting presence to me. Our personalities are polar opposites but there are underlying similarities--there should be considering we shared a womb for almost 40 weeks.

My other sister also gave birth to a new baby boy. I'm now a new aunt and godmother. My nephew was born a hefty 8.5lbs, I believe. Heavier than his older brother. During the baptism, he was really so heavy. He definitely does not look like a newborn.

Down at the home front, we spent the first quarter of the year looking for Basti's big school. Because of the new K12, the schools would not accept my son as a kindergarten student. We tried getting him into pre-kinder in a school which is a kilometer away from the house but for reasons which we still can't comprehend, they do not want to accept him. My son can read and write better than a grade 1 student and they don't want him. We resolve to put him in another school also within the village but one that accepted him with open arms. Maybe when he's in grade one, we can reconsider putting him in that school. After all, it's my husband's Alma Mater.

There are still 8 months left for the year. I don't want to assume that I know what will happen but I hope I'm prepared for it.