Friday, June 20, 2008

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

I've always been a CSI fan. Avid, rabid fan actually since Season 1. I religiously follow each season and even watch the reruns. I have the cases and the characters fascinating. However, I love the original version (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) more rather than the spin-offs (CSI: Miami and CSI: New York).

CSI is now on it's 8th season, well it did not have 20+ episodes due to the writer's strike but it was enough. I already watched the final episode today and I was really sad. Not only did they lose another cast member this season but maybe they'll be short of another one on Season 9--that is if they're still planning to come up with Season 9. Though I know they have to end sometime, I still hope they won't.

On a funny note, they're second to the last episode for this episode was hilarious. They were poking fun at themselves--especially when they were talking about the Emmy's. (They've been nominated four times but they haven't won.)  It was funny the way Gil Grissom said it. They were investigating the murder of an Emmy-winning comedian and he saw an Emmy statue at the corner, picked it up and said, "So this is what an Emmy looks like." Hahaha.

Anyway, with Sarah gone next season and probably another one, I hope the storylines and cases will still be interesting. It's funny though, I don't seem to find the blood and gore that comes with it.


Ivy Tan said...

shucks may backlog na ko sa csi
wala na si sarah? pano na si grissom???

Sunshine Sangalang said...

yup, wala na si sarah. ewan ko na kung anong nangyari sa supposed wedding nila.
may mawawala ulit next season :(

cathy mariano - domingo said...

after watching the last episode of season 8, i was so upset that i cried. i love warrick brown. csi will never be the same without him.

Ivy Tan said...

i like him...he is sooo hot =(
ang sad naman

Sunshine Sangalang said...

hay naku. kalungkot nga eh :( ano na kaya ang mangyayari sa CSI?