Sunday, June 22, 2008

Typhoon Frank

It's Milenyo all over again, although I think this storm is weaker than Milenyo which devasted Metro Manila almost two years ago. Nevertheless, there's still that scary feeling especially when you hear the wind and see the trees swaying. Living in an area where the streets are lined with big trees, one can get really nervous because some of them can get uprooted. And when that happens, roads are blocked, Meralco poles will come down and what have you.

I just heard in the news that a ship sank off the coast of Sibuyan Island in Romblon province and it was noted that this ship was carrying 700+ people and so far, they haven't found any survivors yet.The ship was found to have overturned with a hole in the side. Local flights have already canceled and people are already stranded in ports and airports.

Typhoon Frank is expected to leave Manila by tomorrow. I hope damage will be minimal and more lives will be spared.

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mommy cess said...

:( hay taon-taon na lang, there always is some tragedy during calamities like this. dapat by now natuto na ang mga dapat matuto at hindi na nangyayari ito. my prayers to the victims and their families.

Norrie Blackeby said...

The news made it in the British press. This morning I heard there were three survivours. It's always the same...typhoons hit the Philippines and it's as if it was unexpected. There is always a tragedy that could have been prevented. Keep safe.

romeo macapobre said...

watched narnia. maluwag ang daan. walang traffic. abusado ang mga tricycle and taxi drivers. alam na nilang mayruon pangangailangan ang mga pasajero. lalo pa nilang pinagkakikitaan ang sitwasyon. ang mga tao talaga .. mistualang nawawala ang pagkatao tuwing bagyo ..