Monday, June 30, 2008

Diablo III

I've been a fan of Blizzard Games (Warcraft, Diablo etc) and managed to finished their games as well. I recall playing Diablo five years ago with much gusto and fanfare that I was disappointed when I finished it. I wanted more! However, with the many things that happened in my life, I somehow forgot all about it.

But then, a friend just had to email our ygroups the url of Diablo III. All the while I thought it was already available and got all excited just to find out that it's still being developed with no release date in sight. (waaaah)

I now have this sudden urge to play Diablo II or even Warcraft (either Frozen Throne or Reign of Chaos) just to get the edge off. I hope my baby won't have nightmares because of this.


Constantine Carluen said...

I hope my baby won't have nightmares because of this> Hahaha ate s!!! :0

Carlo Ybanez said...

Been a big fan of Diablo as well. In fact, Ive recently started playing Diablo II again after more than 8 years. It hasnt lost its magic. And by the way, Starcraft II is almost out.

Sunshine Sangalang said...

hi carlo! i'm not much of a starcraft fan--more of warcraft and diablo only :D but thanks for the info, i'm sure my brother (who's a starcraft fan) will take note of the release date :)

JC Sobejana said...

Hmmm Starcraft II? Wawaweewa! I still have my Starcraft I orig CD.

I was always a Warcraft fan too until world of warcraft came and they started charging way too much money for it. SO I got in to first person shooting game like, Quake, Half Life and Unreal. But I just recently, I got myself into Rise Of Nations :)


Sunshine Sangalang said...

Hi Jeff! Not much on those shooting games although it was a big thing here. I'd rather go with the Sim City type of games. Diablo was nice. Can't remember how I finished it but it was great. Hehe :)