Tuesday, June 17, 2008

See Spot Run!

I went to see my OB yesterday after seeing a couple of brown spots or otherwise known as spotting. I didn't know if it was indeed bleeding but I visited her just to make sure.

Prior to that, I had an exhausting day last Saturday. Leo and I went to SM Makati to buy gifts, maternity clothes and pabilins. In the middle of everything, I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous. We sat down somewhere while I tried to regain control over my stomach and my head. We then forged on and had dinner at Tony Roma's. I could barely finish my pasta and soup.

And we were not done. We were scheduled weeks before to watch Avenue Q that same night. So we went to RCBC plaza and caught the 8PM show of Avenue Q (which incidentally is very funny). It was already 11PM by the time we got home.

The next day, Sunday, Father's Day, I was not feeling very well. The nausea and dizziness came back full force and I threw up in the morning. Leo and I decided to stay at home so I can rest.

Anyway, as I previously mentioned, I saw my OB yesterday and told her my concerns. I was further agitated when I learned that morning that the wife of one of my officemates suffered a miscarriage. To put my mind at ease, she conducted an ultrasound where she checked for any hemmorhage or internal bleeding. Thank God everything's ok. My baby is growing beautifully (he/she is now a centimeter big and there was a shape already. We saw the head and what looks like the arms and the legs). Just to be safe (and I asked for this as well), I'm going to rest for the next couple of weeks. I could do away with the office stress and surprises that comes with the territory. Everyone told me to not worry about work and just to rest. I'm thankful that my officemates and team have been very supportive.

So I'm trying to figure out what would keep me from getting bored (and fat!) for the next couple of weeks. I already lost weight from all the throwing up (one pound) that I've been doing. It's ok though as I'll be gaining them once I begin my second trimester. I asked Leo to find me some movies which I can watch. I'll probably watch my Lord of the Rings series or probably do a CSI marathon. Or I'll probably finish my cross-stitch project which I haven't worked on for the past couple of weeks. We'll be putting off our Cebu trip this weekend as well. We'll probably go on our first year anniversary on September. I'll be on my 5th month by then and my OB said it's safe to travel. I won't be too big (hopefully) and it won't be too uncomfortable.


Rene David said...

Sus!!! i was kindda worried there for a while. Keep away from stress for a while.

JC Sobejana said...

yah, keep away from stress. the only time na nagspotting ako eh yung nastress ako ng husto doon sa previous work ko sa isang hospital. don't worry too much...sign of hemorraging is bleeding and saturating a sanitary pad in an hour. if its just spotting...it's normal. don't worry about it. your baby is in good hands. yung nagspotting nga ako....i know its normal. the only thing i'm worried that time was my terrible migraine. my head is so painful, that everytime i open my eyes...it gets worst :) God bless!

Norrie Blackeby said...

Sunshine...bed rest is the best. Nothing is more important than that now. Take it from someone who knows. Take care sweet.

cathy mariano - domingo said...

well at least now it's your turn to take a leave. bah, staff mo lang may karapatan magbuntis. i remember you making kwento way, way back na your 2 staffs take turns taking maternity leaves. at ikaw na single pa noon was left to stay extra late to finish the job. makakaganti ka na... hehehe

Sunshine Sangalang said...

cathy - haha! oo nga. naalala ko pa yon, 2 pa sila sabay. tapos yung isa, nanganak nung wedding ko kaya wala na siya nung naka-leave pa ako. :) sayang nga eh. looking forward pa naman siya sa wedding ko kasi inaabangan niya yung food. hehe.

cathy mariano - domingo said...

man... your staff are baby-making machines! very fertile ng team nyo. hahaha