Monday, June 23, 2008

Whose Fault Is It?

Yesterday, the Philippine Coast Guard washed their hands from the MV Princess of the Stars sinking incident. Saying that for typhoon signal #1, it's the owner's and ship captain's prerogative to sail.

Ok, I accept this but don't they have weather reports and everything? Did the weather report say that the storm will hit their route? Did they not see this coming? Did they think that their ship is strong enough to withstand strong winds and waves? Did the storm suddenly change course?

It's just so frustrating that a tragedy such as this could have been avoidable. I really can't understand it. No wonder the vice-admiral got a tongue-lashing from the president.

And these people! How can they travel knowing that the rains are hard and there's a storm? Did they not see that the rains are coming down hard? I get nervous just seeing rain while on a boat. I'd rather just wait for a storm to pass before I travel.   

So far as of Inquirer's breaking news as of 10AM this morning, 32 survivors have been found but 700 are still missing. Also, 5 have been confirmed dead. I still hope that they still can find the others. A group was found in a coastal town along Quezon.


Norrie Blackeby said...

What a waste! The tragedy is this could have been avoided. What kind of weather forecasting do they have over there? Is it some wind vane or a wind up "radar"?

Nonie David Carluen said...

So what has happened to this sunken ship? Has it been retrived it? Have the dead been found? What has been done about any hazardous cargo on the ship?

Sunshine Sangalang said...

well, the ship is still there. sabi kasi, it will take until december (??) to turn it upright. i think the dead are still there although probably decomposing already (ew ew ew) and the hazardous cargo is still there. i don't know what they're waiting for. however, they monitor the waters surrounding the ship if there's any sign of contamination. parang hinihintay yata nila na may mamatay ulit bago nila ayusin yan. hay naku.