Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Wish List 2008

It has become tradition for me to write down my Christmas wish list. But somehow, I'm at a loss for this year. It seems that all I want are for my baby. I do want stuff for myself but they seem rather shallow compared to my baby's needs. Besides, the thing I really want is not material and it will depend on God's plan for me. All I really want for Christmas is for my baby to be born healthy and for us to be the best parents there is.

But well, I'll try my best to write down stuff I need:

1. Wall clock or alarm clock - my cellphone has always been my alarm clock. I'm having mixed feelings if I want it to be digital where I can see the time even at night or not. I have this habit of waking up in the middle of the night and if I see the time, I sometimes get pressured to get some sleep that I end up not sleeping at all.

2. Wallet - I love my wallet now as it has lots of pockets and big space for all my stuff. Unfortunately, there's already a big tear on the side and it's already looking for a replacement.

3. Baby Couture Diaper Bag - This is the style that I want. In case you would want to get me one (hinthint), they have branches in Glorietta 3, SM Megamall and Alabang Town Center. They are also available in SM department stores (Makati, North, Manila, Megamall and Mall of Asia), Rustan's and Baby & Co.

4. Wrist watch - Preferably one with a second counter so I can time contractions.

5. A nice soft arm chair - This is not cheap but hey, it's a wish list after all. We don't have an arm chair here in our room and I would want one when I breastfeed.

6. Office hand bag - I never could get tired of having a new bag. I'm not really a bag hag that would want branded bags but it's always nice to have a new one. Preferably one with LOTS of pockets.

7. Breastfeeding blouses - I saw a lot of nice blouses that are breastfeeding-friendly (where you can inconspicuously feed) but are rather pricey. During one of our birth classes, one of Rome's former students presented her breastfeeding blouses and they're really nice.

8. Post-its or office supplies - One of my staff gave me this as a gift last year and I was overjoyed. There's something about new pens, pencils, notebooks and whatever that brings me joy.

9. Baby clothes/attire - I bought a lot of baby clothes when I went shopping. Unfortunately, most of them are newborn sizes so I would prefer big sizes please. My baby will grow into it.

10. Diapers - yeah, well we won't be needing this until the baby gets here but I somehow assume that this will be our biggest expense (I did buy cloth diapers but disposables are the best--are there any environmentally-friendly diapers available?).

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