Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight - A Pleasant Surprise

I just watched Twilight today (first screening at Alabang Town Center) and 3 hours after leaving the cinema, I'm still in that Twilight high. To think I did not that have high expectations on the movie. I did not believe that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were fit as Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan respectively. So I was not really overly going gaga whenever Robert would appear in the TV shows or wherever promoting the movie. I also can't understand why they're making that much a fuss with his hair. It's so...unruly! Though I do like the books, I was not that much of a fan to buy the merchandise or watch the special preview last night. I just watched the first screening to make my officemates envious. Hehe.

But after watching the movie, I totally changed my mind. They're really perfect for the movie and what makes it better was that everything was exactly how I imagined it to be when I read the book. From the cinematography (I haven't been to Oregon or Washington but I imagined it to be that way--beautiful) to the way the actors portray the characters. Alice looks like Alice. Dr. Cullen looks like Dr. Cullen and everyone else (although I imagined Jacob to be taller).

Leo was laughing throughout the movie because of the audience reactions throughout the different scenes. I can't really blame him. Looking back, it was indeed hilarious if I wasn't caught up in the moment. When Edward first came out, half of the moviehouse softly screamed. When Dr. Cullen first appeared, he solicited the same reactions. The lady seated behind us kept on saying "sh*t" whenever a "kilig" moment would play in the screen. I don't think she was being sarcastic. It's her way of expressing her "kilig"-ness

The story is really quite simple. It's basically a love story between a human girl and a vampire boy. I still can't figure out what made these book series a hit as I've read a bit of paranormal romances and there's nothing different about the story. I guess Stephenie Meyer got her language and target audience right. The teenager age group is one of the most powerful market (next to children) available to be exploited. It's odd though that what was meant for the teenager audience spilled over to the adult age group (read: my age group. You should see the Twilight hysteria happening in the office right now. I gave my previous boss a Twilight shirt and mousepad which I saw in the bazaar for her birthday and she was SO ecstatic), same as the Harry Potter series. It was only natural that they make the series into a movie. By putting an actual physical face to the images floating in the imaginations of the teenage readers' brains can make any hooked reader into a rabid fan. And everyone knows how rabid teenage fans can be. Hey, I was a teenager once so I can relate. Think notebook covers, accessories, shirts, the whole shebang!

Nevertheless, I'd watch it again just to see Edward's brooding and piercing glare. And I totally forgive Robert Pattinson for his hair.

Now, let me surf for some Twilight clips and articles to assuage my Twilight thirst and keep my Twilight high maybe until New Moon the movie comes out.

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cathy mariano - domingo said...

as i'm reading your blog, i felt weird. it'a as if you put my thoughts into words. haaaayyyyy... nakaka-addict sya talaga. i watched it twice sunshine.

Sunshine Sangalang said...

hay naku, cathy. dalawang beses ko rin napanood. unfortunately yung pangalawang nood ko, puro teenager ang kasama ko sa sinehan kaya puro tilian. di ko tuloy masyado ma-enjoy. haaaaay. wala pa bang DVD?

cathy mariano - domingo said...

hahaha! kami din. sobrang ingay din mga katabi namin. can't keep their mouths shut. titingin nga kami sa st. francis square this saturday. excited na ko!

ay belated happy birthday nga pala!

kelan ba ang showing ni baby sebastian?

Sunshine Sangalang said...

i'm due on jan 24 but i can give birth as early as first week of jan.