Sunday, November 30, 2008


I was proud that I didn't catch any cold during the first few months of my pregnancy. Now that I'm in the homestretch, I end up with a nasty cold.

I thought at first it was allergies. I woke up with a sore throat and when we went to Dita to have lunch with Daddy on his birthday, I started sneezing continuously and my nose began running. I thought it was the dust and cigarette smoke that got to me. But now that I'm home, it's as bad and my throat is sore and I feel like I'm going to end up with a fever. :(

I don't know where I caught the cold as Leo's as healthy as a horse. I can't remember coming in contact with anyone last night who has a cold when we watched Hairspray. Fortunately, I'm still on vacation leave so I can still get enough rest to recuperate and get rid of this cold. I pity my baby as my sneezes tend to be violent and causes my stomach to contract. Hopefully, he's still ok in there.

As I'm not sure what cold medication to take, I'll just drown myself in orange juice (Florida Naturals!) and water and get plenty of sleep. Leo and I decided to sleep in tomorrow and just go to the St. James Bazaar late in the morning. Thank goodness it's raining tonight so we can do away with the aircon when we sleep. Being on my 8th month, I have additional 50% (?) blood volume in my body thus I always want the temperature cold.

I do hope this is gone tomorrow. I still want to go to the bazaar and finish my Christmas shopping! I only have a few items left in my list.


Ivy Tan said...

baka its coz of the weather....a lot of people are getting sick (including me) hope you feel better soon

Rene David said...

Just take plenty of fluids and just rest and rest. See your Doctor before taking medicine. It will be gone soon.

JC Sobejana said...

that's so weird...i also have a sorethroat which started yesterday. hopefully it wont lead to a cold or cough. ever since i migrated here, i never had any form of sickness except migraine. aside from that i'm healthy. but you know what the last time i had that terrible migraine was when i was pregnant, i remember it was jan 1 and after the pray over i never had it ever. God is good!!!

MommyBa YaYaBa said...

get well soon mommy!!! *hugs*

Sunshine Sangalang said...

thanks all. my nose is still running but the soreness of my throat has eased (thanks to betadine gargle). i slept so much last night and plan to do more during the day. i really need to get rid of this cold soon as i'm returning to work on thursday.