Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3d/4d Ultrasound and Prenatal Check-up

I don't have pictures yet as the baby was very shy when we went for our 3d/4d ultrasound today. However, I can categorically say that based on what we saw of the baby's profile, he just looks like Leo. Hah! We'll be returning on Saturday to try again and hopefully get the pictures and video.

As early as now, it seems this will be a serious child. He refused to smile whenever we were coaxing him to do so. There were also some pictures of him hugging his leg and trying to suck his toes! When he finally let go of his leg, he turned away from the camera and showed us his back! Ang kulit! :)

Based on the ultrasound, my baby is already 3.74 lbs which is also normal for his gestation. Forgot to check the length though.

I also had my long-delayed 7th month pre-natal check-up today (I'm already on my 30th week!). All signs are good. My BP is normal (100/60), there's no protein in my urine and my glucose is also normal. My doctor is also very happy on my weight gain (5 lbs total since I got pregnant). My iron though is low which is normal for pregnant women so I'll still be on my Natalbes prenatal tablets. I was also given my 2nd Tetanus shot and 1st HepaB shot. Both my upper arms are now painful. For the flu shot, I'll probably get that early next year.

We also talked about my birth plan. She said that basically what I want will happen. I'm still a bit wary on the epidural but she said there's nothing to worry about. We'll talk more about it when I see her again after a couple of weeks because she saw how scared I was of the epidural. She wants to assuage my fears and to assure me that it's safe.

Hopefully by that time, the new wing of Makati Med will already be open. It seems we won't be getting the package as husbands are not allowed in the birthing room and I do so want Leo to be with me when the birthing happens. We have to time it perfectly though as charges in the birthing room runs by the hour (my doctor said para daw taxi). So the longer I labor, the more expensive it will get.

My OB also said that she managed to campaign for the hotel administration to get a water bath for the new wing which was approved. She's in the process of writing the rules and regulations of the tub's use. It's meant to make labor easier and if I would want, I can give birth in the tub but I'm not that adventurous yet. I'm happy with the bean bag and the table, thank you.

Can't wait to get the pictures. This baby is definitely a Sangalang. :)


JC Sobejana said...

hahahaha!!! leong leo ang ugali ah. hehehe!

Sunshine Sangalang said...

pati nga yung doctor na nagultrasound (friend namin yung husband) sabi kamukha nga ni leo. abot tenga ang ngiti niya. may jr kasi siya.

Carlo Balikbayan de la Rama said...

seriously...i cant wait till you finally give birth! im tired of the words "prenatal," "checkup" "throwup" hayyy nako!

Sunshine Sangalang said...

hayaan mo carlo. malapit na. :) less than 10 weeks to go! hehe

Norrie Blackeby said...

What a marathon! You can tell he looks like Leo? Seriously? Then he'll be as tall as him as well then--and as nice...and as smart... etc etc. You HAVE to write about the birth process as I am very interested how this will go with you. You seemed to have followed what the textbooks adviced you to do! Typical you! :-)

Aileen Apolo said...

Don't worry much about the epidural, it's bearable hehe. =)