Monday, July 13, 2009

Despedida AVP

My staff made this AVP for me. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Get Milk!

I buy Basti's milk (Enfalac A+) on a weekly basis. I could stock for a month but shelling out almost 4Kphp/month on milk sounds shocking compared to 835php/week (besides, minsan si Leo bumibili. Hehe).

I went to Shopwise yesterday to buy juice for our school case presentation today and I thought I'd buy milk for next week's supply. I blinked when I saw the price at Shopwise. The price says 932.50 php. I thought maybe it was just wrong so I opted not to buy.

This afternoon, I was again at Festival Mall so I went to Savemore to check out Basti's milk. I was shocked when I saw the same price. WTF??? I can handle a 5 peso or 10 peso increase, but 100 pesos?

I still opted not to buy and decided to go to South Supermarket where I bought his milk last week. I was not surprised anymore when I saw the 100pesos price increase. I just really hope there's a good reason for this increase.

Monday, July 06, 2009

At Last...

After 10 years, I finally get to say goodbye to a place that has been my second home.

I tendered my resignation from SCB last June 4. As agreed with my boss, I'll be staying for 30 days, which I did and my last day was last Friday.

It has been a great 10 years. Of course there were ups and downs but if one would graph my career, the trend is going up. This has been my longest employment ever so it's only natural that I feel melancholic.

My last day was the happiest and saddest day in my life with SCB. I was touched with all the messages of thanks and being missed. The first person who made me cry that day was our CB Head when he thanked me for my efforts. I managed to get a hold of myself but I again cried when my boss gave me a surprise despedida party. I was really surprised and that made me cry more.

Looking forward to starting my new career with another bank.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Last Days at SCB - Revised

My last week with SCB was packed with lunches and dinners.
On Monday, I had lunch with Malou (CCPL Head's EA) and Anne (CB Head's EA). They treated me at North Park.
On Tuesday, Tina treated us at Recipe's as her way of thanking us for putting up with her pangungulit (it was her last day as well). My boss gave me a despedida dinner at Friday's with my CAU Team and other Credit Top team members.
Wednesday, I had lunch with Peter and Dale from Marketing again at North Park and dinner with the Account Creation team under CB-Operations where CAU used to be under a year ago at Cyma.
Thursday, I had lunch with Jen, a college friend at Tempura and Friday, I again had lunch with the Account Creation Team this time at Brother's Burger. I capped off the night with Marvin and Vanessa at Luk Yuen Glorietta 5.