Monday, March 24, 2008

People Problems

Ito talaga yung panahon na iniisip ko kung may karapatan talaga ako maging unit head. Nawawalan na ako ng  bilib sa sarili ko dahil sa isang tao ko.

May isa kasi akong tao na nagsasalita sa likod naman. Napaka-unprofessional kung baga. Papasok siya ng alas-diyes pero susulat niya sa log-in niya alas-nuwebe. Tama ba yon? Sasabihin niya, demotivated siya kasi tinanggal namin siya as team leader pero hindi na rin kasi namin kaya yung mga reklamo na nakukuha namin mula sa ibang departamento at kahit sa tao niya.

Iniisip ko nalang, may kahulugan lahat nang nangyayari. Everything happens for a reason. The reason why she's in my team is that this will teach me or give me the skills to handle difficult people. As Bo Sanchez said, your biggest blessing is your biggest problem. I know that my heart is in the right place when I made my decisions and that regardless of all the things that she has said and done, I still believe that she's still a good person.

Siguro kaya ako affected, she was a good friend of mine, until she began saying those nasty things. She was even at my wedding!


Joelle Horca said...

It's lonely at the top. You can't please everyone and unfortunately, friendship often pays the price.

Wanna move our lunch date up? My sched's relatively free this week. =)

mommy cess said...

may nabasa akong blog na "victim" ni brian gorrell. she claims to be a victim bec she feels she and one of her readers shouldn't have been implicated.

anyway, she was so distraught she sought her father's advice. and accdg to her father, the formula for scandals, problems w no apparent solutions for that matter, is 13 days. meaning, people's interest in the scandal will die down after 13 days, and the person who started it will also begin to get tired, also after 13 days. the problem will cease to be important after 13 days. So all she has to do is sit tight and let it pass. Mawawala din yan.

she cited the things that happened to showbiz celebs like Kris and
Gretch - o, tapos na diba, at bida pa sila today. In my life, I look back at the people who dissed me, at ngayon, tapos na, whatever they did, hindi naman pala mahalaga at significant.

I've been trying to apply that formula in my life right now - kasi I've learned that there are some people in life whose mission it seems is to offend us. Alam naman natin na we don't deserve it - so tama din - let's just sit tight, mind our own business and let it pass.

Shine-share ko lang, kasi ako mismo I need some of that pep talk, hehehe :D

Nonie David Carluen said...

would'nt life be just marvelous if we did not have to deal with this sort of people. perhaps at the moment it is this person's life ambition to take you down with her. i would take seriously the way she falsifies her attendance. not only is this dishonesty - which i am sure is a grave offense in the banking sector - but it can put the company in a very compromising situation - and being the team leader - it can jeopardize your career by keeping quiet about it. the bank might even take it as you being in coercion.
i worked for an international bank for 13 years. i could not have had a more secure job - not to mention "prestigious" - flowing with fringe benefits but it was also a dog eat dog enviroment - wherein back stabbing was common - the happier and more secure my personal life became - the more co-workers made my working enviroment miserable. i suppose unless someone loves you or is successful themselves - he/she cannot be happy with your success. that is just how it is sunshine so be very careful. remember judas was jesus' best friend.

Norrie Blackeby said...

Arrghhs! Line management is the trickiest thing to do at work. It is a thankless job.I agree with your ninang, you shouldn't keep quiet about it especially if it constitutes fraud--that's what it is really. Watch your back and make sure you cover your arse. That's the way you can survive. Oh yes, by the way...if she's doing this to you then she's not a friend so drop her like a hot potato! Good luck Sunshine--be careful who you trust.