Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking for my Good Samaritan

Everyone has their tales to tell of Good Samaritans who came to their aid. Strangers who want nothing more but help without expecting anything in return.

I have my share of stories but there's this one incident that I've been remembering lately and by writing my story, I hope that I will meet this stranger to thank her for her help. Though the incident was not as life-threatening as others, it mattered a lot to me.

I was a grade school student in St. Scho Manila. I cannot remember the exact grade but it could be from grades 2 to 3 (years 1983 to 1985). Back then, we were required to line up at an open area outside the Grade School building before our class. Our usual practice was to leave our bags in our respective classroom lines and rush to the playground while we still have free time.

Our line was located beside a building. I bent down to place my bag and as I went up, I bumped my head against an aircon edge protuding from the wall. I remember how jarring it was and my hand automatically rubbed the sore spot. When I looked at my hand, there was a lot of blood and I could feel it streaming down my head. All I could remember was saying, "Ay, dugo." (Oh, blood)and staring at my bloody hand. My classmate must've started screaming or called for help. An upper grader (or a probably high school student), rushed to my side and pressed a handkerchief on my head. She then half-carried me to the clinic which was thankfully nearby.

They cleaned me up in the clinic and the doctor noted that the wound was not that deep thankfully not needing stitches.
Details after that are a bit sketchy now. I can't recall if I was hysterical or crying or was calm throughout the whole ordeal. All I remember was the kindness of that upper-grader who helped me. I can't remember if I thanked her or spoke to her and I hope someday I'll meet her again so I can say my thank you.

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