Monday, November 02, 2009

Hindi Ka Nag-iisa (Noynoy Aquino's MTV)

I can't help that my eyes teared up over this MTV and will no doubt have thousands and probably millions vote for the only son of the country's martyr, Ninoy and his equally loved wife, Cory. There's still a part of me doubting though whether he can do the job as he was pretty "quiet" when he was in the Senate. But considering the other presidentiables, I think Noy will do.


aschua said...

I still haven't seen or heard the guy's political platform yet -- except for the stuff about him supporting the contraceptive (RH?) law.. and that got him in trouble with the Catholic church.

I'll have to wait till I know more about his agenda before deciding whether to support him or not.

jb virata said...

At least he has something right. Philippines is overcrowded as heck. Will he be the best for the country? After 10 years of Arroyo, how bad could he be?