Friday, November 20, 2009

December, Here I Come!

The next two weeks will be very interested indeed.

I have four events/deadline happening on the 1st week of December that I don't know what to prioritize first.

There's no definite date yet but my STRAMA paper (the success of which will be dependent if I'll be able to defend it next term which is the last hurdle for my MBA diploma) is definitely due on the first week of December. We will also be having our division Christmas party on Dec. 3 which also happens to be my birthday. Unfortunately, I was roped into organizing and participating in our group's presentation. Being a new employee, it's difficult to say "no" when you know that the big bosses are in attendance and they're quite particular of people not attending the parties.

Next week we'll have practice on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. However, I'll be on leave on Thursday to work on my STRAMA paper and there's the St. James Bazaar starting Friday which I intend to go to as it won't be too crowded. That leaves me Saturday to Monday to hopefully finish my paper.

At the onset of December, we will no doubt be cramming for our presentation and doing last minute practice sessions.

Our KL trip at the end of December would be very welcome considering how hectic my Christmas holidays will be.

Oh, have I mentioned that I'm also organizing Basti's first birthday party as well? (sigh)

Oh well, at least I'm watching New Moon in a couple of hours which I'm so looking forward to. A reprieve before the stress starts.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Basti's First Halloween

We initially couldn't decide on Basti's costume. It was supposed to be Nemo but it was too hot outside. Next option was a piglet costume that I think first belonged to Chloe. But he looked too much like a little girl so we opted for Batman!

Basti @ 9 months

Various pictures of Basti at 9 months old.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Hindi Ka Nag-iisa (Noynoy Aquino's MTV)

I can't help that my eyes teared up over this MTV and will no doubt have thousands and probably millions vote for the only son of the country's martyr, Ninoy and his equally loved wife, Cory. There's still a part of me doubting though whether he can do the job as he was pretty "quiet" when he was in the Senate. But considering the other presidentiables, I think Noy will do.