Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vote for Basti!

This is the first contest that my son has joined.We just bought him a pair of Elmo Polliwalks at last Saturday's Kidsexpo and the stall owners said that they have a contest wherein the kid with the most number of like votes in Facebook wins a special prize.

So, please help Basti win by doing the following:

1. You need to be a facebook member. Go to
2. Search: polliwalks philippines. You have to be a fan in order to vote.
3. Look for Basti in the album Polliwalks Philippines's Photos - kids expo. Or click on this link in order to go to Basti's photo directly.
4. Click on LIKE

Contest will run for 1 week and the winner gets a special prize from Polliwalks Philippines.

What are you waiting for? VOTE NOW! :)


cyap said...

i tried but the link does not work :(

Sunshine said...

hi cry. you have to be a fan of polliwalks philippines first.afterwhich, follow the link.