Sunday, March 21, 2010

Basti enjoying his food

Here's another video of Basti enjoying his food.

Videos of Basti shooting hoops

The makings of a future basketball MVP:

Here's another one:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vote for Basti!

This is the first contest that my son has joined.We just bought him a pair of Elmo Polliwalks at last Saturday's Kidsexpo and the stall owners said that they have a contest wherein the kid with the most number of like votes in Facebook wins a special prize.

So, please help Basti win by doing the following:

1. You need to be a facebook member. Go to
2. Search: polliwalks philippines. You have to be a fan in order to vote.
3. Look for Basti in the album Polliwalks Philippines's Photos - kids expo. Or click on this link in order to go to Basti's photo directly.
4. Click on LIKE

Contest will run for 1 week and the winner gets a special prize from Polliwalks Philippines.

What are you waiting for? VOTE NOW! :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Front Act with Mike and Stanley

It's seldom that a TV program will catch my attention--and a local show at that. While changing channels from ABS-CBN to QTV, I suddenly paused at ABC5 when there was this guy trying out hopia and tikoy at Eng Bee Tin. Since I didn't get any tikoy this recent Chinese New Year, I just watched with envy as he devoured the delicacies.

I watched more and I found out at the show was called Front Act with Mike and Stanley. There was something fresh and funny about these two guys. There were some technical aspects in the show that I didn't like but overall, these two somehow entertains me.

Catch Front Act every Sundays at 6PM at ABC5.

Monday, March 01, 2010


I first got an email from our birthing class mentor, Rome Kanapi about KidsExpo. I think it was supposed to be held last year but because of Ondoy and Pepeng, it did not push through. Then I got an invite in Facebook to attend and now, this contest manilamommy wherein she's raffling off tickets to the event.

Even if I don't win the contest, I'll still be going.

See you all there!


I always thought that moms were superwomen but I never guessed that it would apply to me.

Yeah, I carried my son for 9 months, gave birth via CS and breastfed for 3 months. Others may already call it as extraordinary but for me, it was expected of me as a mother. I got a yaya because I wanted to share the load of taking care of my son and I'm still free enough to do the things that I want.

I'm not exactly a super-mom like other moms I know (stay-at-home-moms with no yayas are the epitome of supermoms), but this weekend, I had a mom-experience which does not necessarily make me an extraordinary mom (in fact, some moms might have the same or even more extreme experience), but it reminded me how challenging motherhood can be (I've only been a mom for a year and most of it, I have a yaya to help me out. Hehe).

Last weekend, my yaya went on her mandatory once-a-month day-off. After attending a baptism Saturday afternoon, we dropped her off at EDSA. Basti and I were on the backseat while Leo drove.

I knew it was going to be a LONG weekend when Basti was so active. He did not want to stay put and our stuff was all over the backseat. Moreover, he did not want to let go of my phone and he kept on playing with it. Everytime I would take it from him to text, he would cry until I would give it back (he's also cranky as he missed his afternoon nap).

I took it a good sign when he easily slept when I lulled him to sleep that night. But I spoke too soon. He kept on waking up (i.e. moaning and crying) throughout the night. It started at 11PM and continued until 4AM. I barely got any sleep. When he finally woke up at 630AM, I did not want to get up as I wanted to catch up with my sleep. It did not help that I went boxing Saturday morning and my back and arms were hurting like hell! Good thing Leo got up instead and played with Basti while I slept for a few more minutes.

When we went down for breakfast, Basti did not like the Cerelac that I prepared. I switched to rice and Basti refused to eat that as well. What he wanted was the low fat chocolate milk that Leo was drinking but I did not want to give him much of that. I gave up and brought him upstairs where I gave him a bath, and then his milk and lulled him for his morning nap. He slept for an hour and woke up just in time to get ready for church.

At church, Leo kept him occupied. He did however, shouted and screamed at the end of the mass. It was so embarassing. He did see his future playmate at church (the baby girl's name is Nicole. She shares the same birthday as Basti and they were baptised on the same day) and they sort of smiled/played together.

After church,we decided to have lunch at Pancake House South Supermarket so I can do my groceries. When we got settled at Pancake and he was seated on the high chair playing with the utensils, he suddenly turned really red and was concentrating really hard. Turns out, he was pooping. I decided to just change him later at the supermarket bathroom where it's more spacious instead of the cramped bathroom of the restaurant. However, he suddenly threw up (I don't know if he choked on the food or we just overfed him). I had no choice but to change him then and there.

I picked him up and together with the diaper bag I locked myself in the restroom. I put down the toilet seat cover and placed the diaper bag there. I undressed Basti down to his diapers. I washed him on the sink while he kept on squirming. After wiping him down, I tried to figure out how to put on his diapers. I sat down on the toilet seat, put the diaper on my lap, sat him down on top of the diaper and secured the fastenings. I quickly put on his shirt and shorts and handed him outside to his dad while I cleaned up our mess. I was really pespiring and felt so harassed afterwards.

When we got home, I again put him to sleep for his afternoon nap while I caught some sleep as well. I was so thankful when yaya arrived at 3PM. You could hear my sigh of relief up to Makati.