Friday, September 27, 2013

My New Hobby

Since only recently, my answer to the question "What is your hobby" can be somewhat generic -- reading, watching movies and TV series and internet surfing. Though it can be justified that they can different forms of learning, they are not as productive or would give me a sense of accomplishment. My EQ was quite low and I am for immediate gratification. However, that can only get me so far.

Early this year, I rediscovered my love for cross-stitch. Since Christmas season is fast approaching and since I'm on "tipid" mode, I entertained the thought of giving out some of my cross-stitch pieces as gifts. However, I'm not as prolific as I want. Ever since February this year, I only finished one complete piece and I sent this to my mom in the US as my birthday gift for her. I started a piece meant for my mother-in-law but I'm not even halfway done. If I want to at least make a dent on my Christmas list, I need to come up with a DIY project that can be easily duplicated and replicated and which will not make a big dent in my pocket.

Enter, Pinterest (look for me: sunshifairy). My office colleagues introduced me to this wonderful site and I never ran out of craft ideas. I started my crafting a month ago and I never looked back. I was able to jazzify some wooden pegs (see picture at the left) which can serve as an alternative to foldback clips or even paper clips. They also make nice clips for attaching gift tags on presents. I even placed magnets on some of them so they can be placed on metal surfaces to hold pictures and what-have-you.

However, this type of gifts can only be appreciated by girls. I still have to look for DIY projects for the guys in my team. I found another one in pinterest which I can hopefully replicate. If ever I am successful, I will definitely post it as I will top any craft project I ever made.

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