Friday, January 26, 2018


God bless the day that I discovered Netflix.

Actually, we've always had the subscription for more than a year already but I couldn't be bothered watching shows. I was too engrossed with my fangirling that I did not have time to watch series. Heck, I did not even get on the Koreanovela bandwagon.

When I laid low in my fangirling activities, I was left with spare time in my hands. As I'm not used to being idle, I revived my crafting (crocheting, knitting and cross-stitching). However, I need to multi-task while doing these things, meaning, I should be watching a movie or have the TV on. I checked Netflix and asked for recommendations on what to watch.

Other than the occasional movies, I've been watching mostly, series.

So far, I've watched the following:

  • Designated Survivor - ongoing; however, I think the premise has already outlived itself. I think it's only good as a movie or at least for one season. 
  • Star Trek Discovery - ongoing; Sonequa Martin-Green is awesome as Michael Burnham. She shows the same intensity at what she did in The Walking Dead.
  • Riverdale - ongoing; still can't get over Mrs. Grundy.
  • Stranger Things - ongoing (hopefully); scary enough to keep me guessing.
  • Penny Dreadful - why did they end these wonderful series?! It has so much potential!
  • Mindhunter - I can't unremember Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James in Glee. I like the premise and can't wait for the next season
  • Grimm - wonderful wonderful series. Again, why did they end it?
I'm already thinking what to watch after I'm done with Grimm. I'm already halfway through Season 5 so it won't be long now. So far, I've lined up the following:

  • Black Mirror
  • The Crown
Any other suggestions?

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