Sunday, October 02, 2005

DSL Woes

This teaches me to thank my DSL provider.

Just after a day of enjoying DSL access, it conked out on us. It's so damn frustrating! Now, I'm accessing the internet from my cousin's nifty little notebook using dial-up. *sigh* Looks like I spoke too soon.

I was also sick the whole week last week. It started with chest pains Sunday evening so I drank lots of water to soften the hardened stuff in my chest area (probably pleghm). And true enough, I had a running nose by Monday evening. It got worse Tuesday and by Wednesday when I went to our clinic doctor, she said I had allergic rhinitis and gave me antihistamine. I had my dad pick me up and bring me home by lunch time. When I got home, I drank the medicine and slept. When I woke up, I was burning with a 38.5 fever so I took a paracetamol. The next day, I felt worse but still went to work being month end. I only stayed for awhile though and hitched a ride home with my aunt. That night, my fever rose to 39 and I panicked. I had someone bring me a basin of ice water and I sponged myself down. My aunt arrived at 1 am and brought me to a 24 hour clinic where I was prescribed antibiotics. I took the day off from work on Friday and Saturday (from school).

I was supposed to go to a baptism of a good friend's daughter but I was too weak to go anywhere today. Even the trip to the church was difficult. I could only take baby steps and walk at a leisurely pace. Brisk walking and long steps will take too much effort.

My appetite also diminished the past few days. I could only consume small portions up to now. I was surprised when I could only finish half a cup of rice. When we ate lunch, I only finished a small piece of chicken breast and a lumpiang sariwa with half rice. Even when I took out JOllibee dinner. I only finished half a rice and 1 chicken joy (usually, it's a 2pc chicken!). I hope I can maintain this appetite. It'll do my body wonders, for sure!

During the time that I was sick, had a CSI: Miami marathon. Since I was not a regular watcher of the show (I'm not much into Horatio Caine. Gil Grissom is still the best CSI head for me! Even Gary Sinise's character is too full of angst. Gil Grissom is just a plain old nerd! Hehe), I finished the whole Season 1 and in the middle of Season 2. CSI:Miami is not much into relationships, it concentrates more on cases. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the best!


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Hi there Sunshine. So I see I find myself back here again. I figure it's high time I post something eh? It's strange that I always wind up back at this blog, I dunno if it is fate or if it is the great stories like DSL Woes …lol. I suppose I should tell you to keep it up since I obviously love reading here so much. LoL, but really, do keep this up, otherwise I might have to find something else to do with my time (and we can’t have that now can we?) Anyway, I am off, to surf some more blogs with my spankin new DSL. Later Sunshine