Sunday, September 25, 2005

DSL! Wahoo!

I'm now connected to the cyberworld once again. It feels great to be updated of all the ongoings in the cyber-communities. I felt so out of touch!

I should be happy that PLDT managed to install my DSL connection. Actually, it wasn't my application that was used. I initially applied first week of August, and when I inquired a few weeks ago, I was told that PLDT hasn't received my application. Apparently, the problem stems from the fact that the phoneline is not under my name. What pissed me off was that I submitted the requirements that they asked from me. So in my frustration, I had my aunt, who owns the phoneline, to apply the DSL line for me and wonder of wonders, the installed the feature after a day that my aunt called. Now how unfair is that?! I was already looking for other providers but much to my chagrin, only PLDT has the infrastructure to offer the service in our area. Man, I keep on forgetting that I live in the boondocks. I tried Sky and Globe and they gave me negative answers. I just had to suck it in and bug PLDT about my line.

Let me see, what's new in my world?

Well, work has been very stressful these past few weeks. As the saying goes, "greater power is greater responsibility." I'm technically the boss' right-hand girl now. I had to help my boss with budget planning and procedure setting. It meant late nights and tired evenings. It's the company's last hurrah before the year ends being the last quarter and all. Plus some new policies being implemented adds to the boiler. But I can't complain. At least I still have work.

My room is now my haven. I can stay in here the whole day (as long as the DSL doesn't conk out). The room has the right temperature. My aunt told me that it's the coolest room in the house. I slept last night with all the windows closed and just the fan running, and I was covered with a comforter. It's that cold.

Attended a mini-reunion last weekend with a couple of my former officemates. The two of them are two of the best people that I've worked with in my company and who I can call good friends. Sands just got married last year and gave birth to a really cute baby girl last July. She now works for her husband's company. Jas, on the other hand, is now a manager at a very big local bank. It was great seeing them again. I miss their company and the chats that we had everyday. They were a great support group at work and I miss having a "bestfriend" at work.

But well, life goes on. I can find new friends but there's a shortage of females in our department. It's a predominantly male one and it's really different. I know I should be used to it already, but nothing beats female companionship.

Ah well, lots of things to looking forward this year. One thing is that I'll be turning 30 on December. I don't know what my 30th year will bring but I do hope it'll be better than the previous years.

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