Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Internet and School

I haven't logged in for a week! My last log was last Tuesday when I was home sick. What kind of a record is that? To think I could not last before without checking my mail everyday. Good thing there's no classes, else, I'll be panicking.

Speaking of classes, I got my grades. 3.5 for both subjects (Financial Management and Organizational Behavior). I'm amazed with those grades. I was expecting a mere 3.0 for both. But hey, blessings are still blessings.

This coming term is a difficult one for me (sounds familiar. I think I say this every term). Honestly, this term belies difficult. It's time for my comprehensive exams. I have to take these exams where the professors check whether I learned anything in my year of taking core MBA subjects. It's a series of exams for seven consecutive weeks with a different subject matter per week. It's rather daunting since my reviewing skills will be sorely tested (try studying when you get home after a gruelling day at work. Tell me, how do you do it?).

If I pass these exams, then I have three terms to go before I graduate. That is, if things go according to plan. Man, I am so looking forward to finish this. There are few things in my life that I have started which I was able to finish. I have this annoying "ningas-cogon" habit. I mean, hey, look at my gym. Look at my other projects. If I do finish my MBA, I'll count it as one of my biggest personal successes.

I'm not one of those people who took up MBA as a career move. I took it because it gave me something to do. It gave me something to think about. Now, I just want to finish it so I can get on with other things in life.


I am so out of touch with what has been happening to our government lately. I tend to avoid the news whenever the impeachment issue comes up. Heck, I know more about the damage that Katrina wrought, than the impeachment issue. Although the other day, I was aware that there was an extended Congress session where it lasted 23 hours! At least we're getting our money's worth on the people we voted in congress. Now if they can do it wisely.

One particular person really got my fancy. Rep. Francis Escudero (he represents a province in Bicol. Sorsogon, I think) is a very interesting character. Whenever he talks, people listen. He's not prone to theatrics or hysterics. He's a voice of reason in the plenary chaos errr...session. He's calm and logical and I like the way he thinks. I may not agree with some of the things he said, but I admire him for his grit and wit. If he's going to run for national office in the future, he'll surely get my vote.

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