Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sick Bed

Well, I'm home sick..again. This time, the fever came out. No wonder I'm still feeling bad this past week. I still haven't gone to the doctor but I hazard to guess that this is the respiratory infection that the doctor told me about last week. If the fever continutes to persist until tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor. With the dengue scare going on these days, you can never be too sure.

I knew I was going to get sick last Sunday night when I lost my appetite. Leo and I ate at Don Henrico's at Festival Mall Alabang. We ordered the solo pack of Buffalo Chicken, small 3 cheese pizza and asian pasta. After eating one chicken, I could not eat anymore. Leo was very surprised and so was I. We ended up taking half of the meal home.

I guess I needed the rest. The finals and work got to me. Moreover with another officemate resigning and I'm taking the slack. Good thing is his resignation put me at number 2. Meaning I got the second highest delegation of authority next to my boss. Hopefully it comes with a promotion too. But with the way things are going, I could just hold my breath. Anyway, I promised my boss I'll still be staying for a year (since it will take me that long to finish my studies, after that, I have to rethink my position) or until a better offer comes along.


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