Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sick and Tired

Well, not me actually.

I rushed my dad to Makati Med's ER twice this week. Last Tuesday, he asked to be brought there since his fever was quite high and the meds he was taking was not working. The doctor prescribed a high dosage of paracetamol and a drug for influenza. A couple of days later, I brought him back since he was vomiting whatever he was consuming. I was so worried that I could not concentrate in my job. My officemates were sympathetic though. Oddly enough, most of us at work have relatives who are sick or is in the hospital. I guess it's the season for sickness.

My dad's better now. It's really difficult to take care of him when I'm living an hour away. I had to rely on my brother to watch over him when his fever was a dangerously high 39C. I hope he'll continue to be of good health. As my grandmother said, "Mahaba ang buntot ng daddy mo. Pareho silang mag-ama." I didn't get that saying though and she had to explain it. It means that my dad, like my grandfather, will live a long life, although when they get sick, they act/feel like they're going to die.


This coming week will be a hell week for me. It's our finals week and I have finals tomorrow for financial management (oh by the way, we got a 3.5 for our second reporting for this subject. We really made up for our dismal 2.5 first reporting) which is purely objective type and a final paper due on Wednesday for Organizational Behavior and finals also for that subject on Friday (also objective type). On Saturday, we will have our class part for Finman which will be obligatory. I have never looked forward to a vacation than this coming one next week.

It's also the birthday of Leo's mom this Thursday. I forgot to take pictures of my gift for her but it's surely going to earn me "pogi" points! (I hope!) There are some left here at home but it's basically something like paper mache eggs. They're really VERY pretty and would make a very nice conversation piece. People who visit my aunt's house always notice the things and I knew I had to give Tita Jojo a set.


Norrie Blackeby said...

My mother in law thought they (the eggs) were exquisite, they are absolutely great gifts for people who are into house decor, etc. So you're right, they did earn you "pogi" points.
Sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he feels better. I understand what your grandma means by "...buntot!"

Anonymous said...

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