Sunday, August 28, 2005

Finals and Friends

Finals is finally over! Although one of my professors asked us to submit a reaction paper by Wednesday. At least it's not as study-intensive as exams. Since I'm now done with my core subjects, it's time for my Written Comprehensive Exams next term. God help me on that one.

We had our class party for my finma suject last night at Red Box. It was a blast! Being the Videoke fan that I am, I readily won the Vidoeke Champion title with my "I Will Survive" performance. Yeehah!


I had some sort of mini-reunion with good friends from College, Cess and Beth last Thursday. Even if I had exams the succeeding day, I took half the day off to meet them, and may I say, it was a half day well spent.

I really treasure the time that I spent with these two lovely women. The last time the three of us got together it was 1997. Quite a long time ago. I love these girls, oops, women. They knew my shennanigans in college, held my hands when I cried and provided support when I much needed it. I never could ask for more.

It's too bad that we live in far-off places which prevents us from seeing each other as often as we want. Beth is based in Canada and was in town for a week only on her way to Korea (study thingee). Cess lives at the northern end of Metro Manila, moreover, it's difficult for her to go anywhere since she has to contend with logistics in bringing her whole brood with her.

It's great to see how far we have gone in our lives. We are all successful in our choices and looking forward to more years in our lives. Beth and Cess are happily married and they're awaiting for my own wedding (so we can swap our own "marriage" stories). I have never known such a very supportive bunch.

Nevertheless, I still appreciate the time that each of us have spent apart from each other. The distance will help us appreciate each other more and will make us look forward to our next reunion.

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