Friday, August 31, 2007


I'm getting married tomorrow.

I really don't know what to feel. I'm excited of course. I mean, this is what we've been waiting for. After more than 12 months of planning, we're finally getting married!

Monday, August 27, 2007

In Five Days

After more than 12 months of planning, this is it. The big day is less than five days away. Let me take a moment to pause and reflect because things are hectic as it is.

My mom, my sister and my brother-in-law arrived Friday morning. I picked them up at the airport and brought them immediately to Cecilio Abad's for their fitting. As expected, neither of their gowns would fit (too loose!). We're going to return on Wednesday for the final fitting (including me!). My gown will be delivered on Friday at Vivere where I'm checked in for the preparations.

I'm excited, of course, but I don't feel like I'm getting married. I don't know if it's because merging my life with Leo is not as traumatic as other couples paint it to be? Of course, my room is a mess right now as I'm trying to pack stuff which I can bring to our new home. Unfortunately, I can't bring all my stuff. So I have to choose carefully.

I'll be bringing my books, of course. Although not everything. The first books I packed were my Harry Potter Collection (hardbound!). I saw in National Bookstore that they have the HP collection on sale with its own box! I want that! But Leo said it's impractical as I have all the books already. Why do I need another set? Well yeah, but I want the box!

I also had my despedida de soltera last Sunday. I only invited immediate relatives. It was great seeing everyone. Some people got confused and thought that it was my shower (which incidentally, my matron of honor was not successfully able to pull off. No worries though).

What Leo and I are more nervous about is the reception. We're not used having the spotlight on us. That's why we tried to abbreviate the program as much as possible so the focus won't be too much on us (as if we could avoid it). We skipped some usual traditions (goodbye garter and bouquet toss). We reasoned out that our age group is too (ahem) mature for such a segments. We opt for some couples' games instead.

Anyway, starting Thursday, I'll just leave everything to the capable hands of my wonderful coordinator and to God. Whatever will be will be. The important thing is that Leo and I get to say our vows in front of a priest and God. The others are just secondary.

Lord, don't let me turn into a bridezilla. Help me to let go.


Traffic Advisory for Sept 1

The Alabang Viaduct is currently being rehabilitated. There's an expected build-up of traffic at the southbound lane from Sucat to Alabang. Please add 30 minutes lead time to your usual travel time going south.

Also, after Sucat, we advise you to take the rightmost lane in order to avoid the traffic buildup of vehicles crossing the viaduct.

For those coming from the north area (specifically Quezon City thereabouts), please leave at 7 or 730pm.

Thank you.

Wish List Update

We've updated our wish list!

Of course, our bridal registry is still with Rustan's. These are just stuff that you can't find in Rustan's :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Trial Make-up with Jesy Alto

Pictures below of my trial make-up with my HMUA, Jesy Alto at their studio at Oasis

Monday, August 20, 2007

On the 12th day

Ok, 12 days to go. 12 days to go.

I'll be starting my block leave on Wednesday. So that means I have one day left at work. Yay! I can barely concentrate anyway as my mind keeps on wandering to my wedding preps. At least my one downs will be both present tomorrow so I can turnover properly.

This is it. Oh my gosh, I'm getting married! Aaaaggghhh!!!

I had my make-up trial this morning at the studio of Madge Lejano. Jesy Alto did my make-up (also on the wedding day) and may I say, I have never looked so gorgeous in my entire life. Haha! I'll upload the photos as soon as I can download them from my digicam.

On the downside, our lolo was rushed to the OSMAC Acute Care Thursday afternoon. My tita called me and she was crying. She didn't know what to do as apparently, the doctors wanted to intubate lolo as his cancer has mesasticized to his chest area already pressing against his trachea making it difficult for him to breathe. I rushed to the hospital and spoke to the doctor. In the end, the children decided to bring their father home where he will be more comfortable. I think he would rather die at the peace and comfort of his bed rather than the noisy and chaotic hospital. The family decided that if anything happens, they will not resuscitate and they will make his last days as comfortable as possible. It's a waiting game now and anything might happen.

I would like to ask prayers in behalf of my lolo. Not for recovery as we've all accepted the inevitable will be near (Stage 4 cancer). We ask prayers that the rest of his days will not be too full of pain and that he will be readily accepted into God's kingdom. Well, we know that he will be. That's the reason why our lola went ahead--to prepare for his place.