Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to School!

I'll be returning to school next term to finish my MBA. I've been planning to go back to school since last year but I got pregnant so I had to postpone it. Since I have no more reason not to go back, I emailed the Vice-Dean and had my account reactivated. I went to GSB office today to enroll and pay for my tuition (ANG MAHAL!!!). I am now officially a returnee.

I supposedly have 6 units left on my MBA (one elective and Strategic Management, plus the defense). Unfortunately, since I'm beyond the prescribed period, I was penalized to take one extra elective from the usual three. I don't mind as this will be the chance for me to take up something interesting which I can use at work.

I was shocked when I paid for my tuition. On my last term two years ago, I think I only paid around 10K for one subject. Now, I paid almost 15K for one class. Gah! 7K for 3 units--can you believe that??? I should get a 4.0 in this class to make it worth the price that I paid.

I'm taking my Personal Project list seriously this time around. Now if I can get around doing #1, it will be a good end for the year.


aschua said...

Good luck with your MBA (and thesis)... I hope you can juggle that along with Basti and work ;-)

Sunshine said...

yeah. i know. but i promised myself that i will go back to school after i give birth. :D