Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Basti @ 2 Months

Basti turned 2 months last March 26. Like what we did the previous month, we brought a cake (at Goldilock's this time).

He looks very sleepy in his pics as I woke him up for the pictorial. I wanted to take pictures of him during his monthly birthdays.

We took him for his check-up yesterday where the doctor also gave him a 6-in-1 vaccine (one shot contains the 2nd dose for Hepa B, 1st dose for Diphteria,
Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio and Hib Disease). He was also given an oral vaccine against Rotavirus. I'm happy to say that he did not cry too much during the shot. He only cried for a few minutes. He finally quieted down when Leo spoke and did things to amuse him. He also swallowed the oral vaccine without any fuss. The pedia was very happy with him.

Basti now weighs 5.9 kilos. A good weight gain since last month's 4.9kilos. In terms of length, he's now 57.5cm from last month's 56.5cm.

He can now easily smile--and it's no longer involuntary. He smiles when we make funny faces and baby talk. He has yet to laugh though and that I'm looking forward to. There's nothing like a baby's laugh that can take away the worries. 


Jams Capili said...

happy 2nd month to ur cutie basti =) ur cake looks yummy =)

Norrie Blackeby said...

Talaga naman Sunshine any excuse for a cake! Next time could you order a mango cake and think of me? Ang daming baby stuff sa room ninyo. Does Basti sleep in your room as well or he has his own room? He looks so cute lalo na pag sleepy.:-)

jennie smith said...

Lumalaki na ang apo ko! He looks so handsome!