Saturday, May 02, 2009

Labor Day

For those not following my multiply blog, I wrote a post which you can read here detailing what happened the past two weeks that I returned to work. I use to enable the cross-posting between blogs but I changed that.

Well, I'm now a working mom again. I miss my son a lot when I'm at work but I guess it's something that I have to get used to. I just cherish every moment that I have with him and try not to linger when I have to leave for work. I just live on the thought that Leo's here and he'll ensure that Basti's ok and well taken care of.

There might be some changes coming up soon and I'll post about it once they're in place. :D

1 comment:

aschua said...

Good luck with work! Hope you can find the balance between home, work, basti and blogging ;-)

Condolence ulit to you and Leo.