Friday, May 01, 2009

The Past Two Weeks - Back to Work and R.I.P.

It has been a harrowing past two weeks. Not only did I have to adjust from being a stay-at-home mom for the past 3 months to being a working mom, but Leo's maternal grandmother passed away last Sunday.

On my first day back to work, I stayed in the office for almost 14 hours as I had to get things back on track. There were so many changes that happened in the 3 months that I was away that I had to catch up quick. Not only that, I now have a different boss!

I cried when I got home and saw that Basti was asleep (his bedtime is 9PM). I didn't want to wake him as he just fell asleep. I tried waking him up the next morning to breastfeed but he was so soundly asleep. I tried my best to go home early but I couldn't leave early as my bosses wanted me to make sure that my team delivers.

On the 26th, we were peacefully enjoying our Sunday morning when the househelp urgently knocked at our door asking for Leo. Mama was crying hard and almost hysterical. Apparently, something happened to Lola Remy and she's going to Magallanes in a few minutes. Leo and I quickly dressed (without taking a bath!). Leo took one car while I accompanied Mama and the driver in another car. She continued on crying in the car but calmed down a bit when we were in the highway.

When we got to Magallanes, she quickly got off the car while I got her things. She was greeted by Leo's cousin who was crying at the door. She ran to Lola's room and started crying again. Lola Remy peacefully passed away in her sleep that morning.

The next few days were late nights (I passed by the wake at Magallanes before going home) and Basti's already asleep by the time I get home. Since I'm bringing a car, I wake up earlier than usual as I don't want to get stuck in the rush hour traffic. By Thursday, I was a walking zombie and I can barely function at work. Even my boss noticed it and told me to get some rest. Good thing it was month-end so I was able to leave at 6PM.

We buried Lola Remy yesterday. It was again an emotional moment as everyone was saying goodbye. During the eulogy, four people spoke on behalf of Lola's family. Jack, who represented her great grandchildren; Grace, who represented her grandchildren; Tita Mike who represented her children and Lolo Gening, her husband. We brought her to Manila Memorial Park where she's buried with her two children.

This morning, I'm happy to say that I slept for more than 8 hours. I really caught up on my sleep. I was also so proud of my son as he brought joy to Mama, her sisters and father during their grief. Everyone clustered around him when Leo brought him to the wake and to Magallanes. Basti did not cry and his smiles made everyone smile. Everyone literally lived for his smiles.

The last picture was taken on Lola's birthday on January 31, 2007. We had lunch at China Palace Tagaytay Highlands and all her family was there. That's Lola Remy with her husband, Lolo Gening and her five surviving children. From L to R: Tita Chit, Tita Christy, Lola Remy, Uncle Bob, Lolo Gening, Mama and Tita Mike.

Lola Remy will be sorely missed. What I remember best about her was that she ALWAYS had something nice to say about you. Never a time that we would meet that she wouldn't praise me for something--whether it would be my haircut, my blouse, my son and very recently, my driving. It was her way of welcoming me to the family and making me feel good about myself. She was one remarkable woman.


JC Sobejana said...

We'd like to say our condelences! We're sure she's peacefully with God right now.

mommy cess said...

condolence to you and your family. *hugs*