Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Final Stretch

When I took a leave of absence from my MBA studies two years ago, I told myself and my husband (then my boyfriend) that I'll only take a leave for one term until I'm fully settled with my new job at SCB. It turned out, I was away for more than that because I got married then I got pregnant. After giving birth, I knew I had no other excuse so I went back to school this term.

As I was already beyond the prescribed period, I was tasked to take a penalty subject (an additional elective) pushing up my remaining units to 9. I took a finance elective as it was my waterloo and hopefully it will help me with my final paper (it's indeed a helpful subject).

Today is the start of enrollment for the next term. I've been struggling since this morning trying to figure out what subject to take. I initially enrolled for an elective on Risk Management, a subject which really interests me as it's my line of work now. But I backtracked and changed it to a lighter elective (Managing Corporate Wellness) and the dreaded integrating subject--Strategic Management. Since I'm returnee who's already beyond the prescribed period, I'm given a year to finish my subjects and take my OCE. I figured if I do the one time big time now, I have two terms for my OCE. This was also the advice given to me by the GSB people and my boss.

Leo has been scaring me as the STRAMA professor is known to be tough with exceptional standards. He said it's like taking two subjects already so it's best to be taken alone. I figured if I survived working for tough bosses who demanded the best from me, then I could survive this subject. Besides, my workload in the office is not as heavy as before. I hope I did not bite off more than I can chew.

So, STRAMA. you are mine next term. Bring it on!

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