Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Typing SKILLZ

I have always been pleased with my typing skills. I can type using all my fingers instead of the pindot system that most seem to favor. I can also type without looking at the keyboard and just starting at the paper that I'm transcribing. According to an application in Facebook, my typing speed has already reached 100+wpm. Not a mean feat, I tell you and one that I'm surely damn proud of.

I got my typing skills (which was further developed by hours of online chat) from my high school teacher. I think her name was Mrs. Ponce. Back then, typing class was mandatory and mind you, we didn't have computers then. We had to learn typing using the manual typewriters and we had to learn it the old-fashioned way. Centering does not entail choosing an option from the Format tools section. It involved finding the paper's center and a complicated computation. Who knew there was a science to it?!

Liquid paper was the favorite school supply and the roller-type white outs were unheard of then. We would get calluses from pushing at stubborn typewriter keys and struggling with that return lever (the metal thing that you push when you need to go to the next line). Environment awareness must not yet be an in-thing then because a lot of bond papers were wasted due to numerous typing errors which were too many to be corrected by liquid paper. Delete keys were unknown and making numerous copies involved the use of carbon paper.

I just remembered our VERY cheesy production when our Typing teacher made us present something about typing. Our group presented something with James Bond as our theme...get it...my name is Bond...Bond Paper (all together
now...CHEEESSSSYYY!!!!!! Wahahaha!).

As our final exam, we had to wear blindfolds or masks and put a paper bag over our heads (I kid you not!) and type her dictations. She uses a triangle to signal that time was up and we would laugh at what we've typed after removing our head covers.

It's probably an unorthodox (and funny!) way of teaching touch-typing but hey, it surely worked. My typing SKILLZ now rock!

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