Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Basti!

My dearest Basti,

It's been a year since you were born and it has been one very eventful and wonderful year.

I never thought that I will be blessed with a baby but God is good to grant me my fervent wish. You brought more joy in the lives of your Daddy and Mommy and we are so proud to be called your parents.

We strive to provide for your every need. When you got sick, we stayed up almost throughout the night sponging you down praying to God that your fever will go down; praying that instead of you suffering, I'll be the one to suffer. My heart broke with your every cry. My hands soothing your brow and your back.

As you grow up to be a strapping, bright, intelligent and successful man that we dream that you'll become, I pray that we, as your parents, will be able to guide you to the best of your abilities. I pray that you will become a selfless man. Someone who will put other people's needs above your own.

And when the time comes that you leave the safe haven of our arms to find your own way in life, I hope that you will come back someday to at least give me a hug--the kind of hug that you have reserved for me.

May God bless you, my son. Remember always that I love you.


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MommyBa said...

Oh my! A year has already passed na pala. Happy birthday to my son's tukayo. He's growing up just great because of his wonderful parents.

Have fun and enjoy his special day :)