Friday, January 22, 2010

Sick Basti Part Three

Ever since Basti was born a year ago, we only had three unscheduled visits to his pedia. The first was when he had Upper Respiratory Tract Infection on his second month, next was early this month when he had a slight cough and cold. But so far, this recent episode was the worst. It was the first time that he contracted a fever.

The fever started yesterday early afternoon. Basti's yaya called me and told me that Basti's temperature is at 38.5. That's pretty high for his age. I told her to administer Tempra drops and I'll contact his pedia (Dr. Clemente) and Leo. The doctor said to just observe and give him sponge baths and continue with the paracetamol every four hours.

I slept in Basti's room and together with his yaya, we kept our vigil throughout the night. And boy, was it definitely the longest vigil I've ever done.

I slept at 1130 and set the alarm for 1230 for Basti's next medication. We woke him up and gave him his drops. However, he did not sleep afterwards and was very cranky. He wouldn't stay still on the bed and he kept rolling around and crying. He eventually slept at 3AM. We woke him up at 430AM for the next round but this time around, he threw up.

His temperature went down in the morning but we resolved to bring him to Dr. Clemente in the afternoon. What made me worry more was that he was throwing up everything that we were feeding him. When we got to the hospital, I think he threw up 5x already (twice on me).

According to Dr. Clemente, it's a viral infection and he could be sick of either of the three things: flu, tigdas-hangin or diarrhea. He prescribed paracetamol (even the suppository type in case he would throw up again), ibuprofen, plasil and pedialite. We tried the Plasil already and unfortunately, he still threw up even after taking it. We tried feeding him his solids and milk but he refused to take them. He even refused water. I'm at wits end already because if he still wouldn't take anything throughout the night, we have no choice but to have him admitted tomorrow.

It's already 7PM and I'm bracing myself for another long night ahead. My thanks to all those who prayed for my son and I entreat that you would keep him in your prayers. My heart bleeds with his every cry and I feel very helpless as a mother.

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