Friday, June 04, 2010

Powerbooks Greenbelt

I had a nice experience at Powerbooks last Friday and I would recommend that branch (maybe all branches) to all book lovers out there.

I was out shopping for a book--a continuation of a book that I was reading--in Powerbooks Greenbelt. I already got the second book and was browsing around for another one when I was approached by a sales clerk asking me what I would want to read. When she saw what I picked out, she recommended other books of the same nature (angels). She went with me to the young adult section and picked out a few books for me to choose from. I quizzed her about the stories and she actually read them and gave me some spoilers from the books. I bought all the books she recommended.

Powerbooks did more than renovate their interior when they fixed their shop. They apparently educated their staff. I don't know if they're required to read the books they are selling or actually hire people who read but whatever they're doing, I hope they keep it up as it really makes me buy the books they recommend. It's not enough that they put a sign saying why they recommend it. It helps if you get to talk to someone who can really give you an idea what the book is all about.

Which reminds me of my Fully Booked experience.

I really love Fully Booked because of their stock. They have books that Powerbooks and National Bookstore doesn't have. Unfortunately, I had a rather negative experience with their Cebu branch which makes me think twice of going back to their shops to look for new books. When I was in Cebu, I asked the clerks if they can recommend books about angels as I love reading about them. I don't know if they don't understand me since I'm speaking in Tagalog but when they pointed me to someone who can speak Tagalog, she couldn't recommend much and can't really tell me much about the books that were on display. It was really disappointing.

Anyway, kudos to Powerbooks, most especially to Lorie, who recommended the books to me. Job well done!

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rmacapobre said...

they have a good collection of philosophy books ;p