Thursday, November 04, 2010

Goodbye, Soprano

When I became a member of Singles for Christ, I learned (and was affirmed by friends) that I can carry a tune and sing well. I refused to believe them at first as this talent did not manifest all throughout my life. I was persuaded to serve in the SFC Music Ministry which led to me being invited to be a part of the Villa San Miguel Choir. During those years, I felt a different joy when singing with other people and hearing our voices blend together. I started listening to the Madrigal Singers and other show choirs. This started my passion for choir music which led to my requirement on having a really good choir during my wedding.

When I left Mandaluyong to live in Paranaque in 2005, I did not join any other choir as I was focused in preparing for my wedding and eventually, dealing with my pregnancy. I was content with the office choir where we just sang during First Friday or Special Masses and sometimes, office programs.

After I left that company and joined my current employer, I heard that my new company has a show choir but I did not make any effort to join. I have somehow lost faith in my singing abilities and I'm scared to audition.

However, when a former officemate/choirmate joined the company and heard that I was there, she invited me to join the chor. I refused at first as I was not particularly keen with the late night practice but when I was again invited by two different persons, I knew I had to give it a try.

I finally attended the practice earlier and I was overwhelmed when they started doing warm-ups. I initially sat with the sopranos and I had difficulty hitting the high notes. After a couple of pieces, I was asked by the Choirmaster (a Philippine Madrigal Singer Alumni) to stand beside him and sing with the piano scales. After one scale, he told me to relax my vibrato (which has been my problem in the past) and try it again. After a few scales, he told me that I'm a Mezzo Soprano and grouped me with the Alto 1s.

I was initially disappointed as I've always been a Soprano 1 ever since I started singing in a choir. I did not have to worry about learning any special notes as Soprano usually sings Melody. I now have to unlearn what I now and learn how to sing Alto.

I've always found the Alto notes very beautiful and haunting. It gives more depth to the song and actually carries the Soprano notes.

I think I will pursue this, late nights aside. I hope this will revive my passion for singing and will give me something else to think about and do. Besides, I realized I miss singing with a choir.

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