Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's been awhile since I wrote something down. December was undoubtedly so hectic that I went home late every night (blame it on the traffic and the parties) and when January hit, I got sick of acute gastroenteritis which did not only suck much needed fat out of my frame, but also my productive and creative will as well.

Now that I'm on the mend, might as well update my blog and share some of what has happened to me these past few weeks.

I complained last year that I was not very busy during the Christmas season. Well, karma decided to give me a punch in the face by giving me several activities one after the other by the end of November.

Not only did I have to buy and wrap gifts, I scheduled our annual holiday on my birthday which was on first week of December (will write about that after this post). Two days after I got back, we had our group Christmas party and our team had a presentation where I was (unfortunately) the director/stage manager etc. I was supposedly part of a concert three days after the Christmas party but I had to beg off as I could not attend the practices anymore.

Then there were the Christmas buffet lunches (I had three, I think...or was that more?) thus the additional weight gain for me. A week before Christmas, I hosted our team Christmas party which was fortunately, a hit that I held another contest at the office the last day before Christmas.

Did I mention that a friend also got engaged and we attended her engagement party? Too bad I could not stay long. I missed some of our common friends who also attended.

I'll try to post about each event one at a time and hopefully, I'll be able to document everything before my undependable memory starts to fail me.

In the meantime, hope everyone will have an absolutely awesome and great New Year!

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