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Travel Kuwento: Hongkong Dec 3-5, 2010 DAY 2

We all woke up late Saturday morning. But the kids were up early as they know that Saturday is their date with Mickey Mouse and Friends. Yes, it's the day that we will all finally set foot (except for hubby) on Disneyland! Yahoo!

Everyone has been looking forward to this day, especially the kids. I was also excited (although trying to be nonchalant about it) as I was not able to visit Disneyland when I was in the US 20+ years ago. I've been pretty sore about it and I was so glad to be given the chance to visit the Magical Kingdom.

After a quick breakfast at McDonald's, we took two taxis which brought us to the MTR station where we can catch a train which would take us to Sunny Bay station. From there, we will board another train which will bring us to tadah! Disneyland resort.

The Disneyland train gave us our first flavor of Disney. From the mouse-shaped windows and handles (as seen below) to the statues on the train.

When we got off the Disneyland station, the kids were jumping up and down with excitement. We paused to get our bearings and walked towards the direction of the park. Lo and behold, this was the sign that greeted us and my heart skipped with delight. This was our first stop of non-stop picture-taking for the day:

We entered the archway and all around us, we could hear Christmas music and Disney songs. Magic is definitely in the air and it brought out the kid in all of us. More than a hundred meters down, this fountain of Mickey surfing on top of a whale greeted us:

It was another round of scurrying to get FB-worthy shots and that was mine above. A few more minutes later, I told everyone that the whale was not the reason why we went to Disney. So a few more shots later, we turned right and followed the crowd which led us to the park gates.

According to my hubby, HK Disneyland is the smallest Disneyland there is as it only has 4 attractions: Main Street (bottom), Adventureland (left), Fantasyland (top) and Tomorrowland (right). Map is taken from

At Main Street, everyone wanted to look at the souvenirs first but I said we'll just buy before we go home. As we're still at a loss on what to do, we decided to ride the train and see the whole park. From there, we'll just choose which attraction to go to next.

From the train, we decided to ride the Dumbo ride at Tomorrowland. After that somewhat boring ride (we barely got off the floor), we decided to have lunch. I chose the Mickey Mouse waffle below:

After lunch, we decided to try Tomorrowland. I couldn't resist having this photo with the orb where I could literally say, Pasan ko ang daigdig (I carry the world).

Since the waiting time for the ride was still long, we decided to line up with the photo op with Buzz Lightyear:

I also had one with the statue:

We finally got into Space Mountain and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. It was an indoor rollercoaster and you cannot see a thing inside except for "stars", "moons", etc. You don't know whether you'll be turning or falling or rising or whatever. It adds to the thrill. It's not surprising that we look like this:

After the ride, we saw a booth outside selling ice creams and I just had to buy this one:

We were fast getting tired so we hurried off to Fantasyland but the lines were too long. We just posed for pictures at the houses and Sleeping Beauty's (or was that Cinderella) castle below and walked to Adventureland.

At Adventureland, there was Tarzan's tree house(below) where we had to ride a raft to get to his treehouse.

We were all just so tired by then that we decided to go home (but not before buying our souvenirs first). I went gaga over the coin press machines as I remember playing with them when I was in Vegas 20+ years ago.

All I wanted was to go back to the hotel and sleep but my family had other ideas. They wanted to go to Temple Street to look for more bargains. As I was overruled by the majority, we took the train to Jordan where we looked for a place where we can rest. We ended up at this "authentic" Peking restaurant where we ended up paying for a lauriat meal that we barely enjoyed. We found the peking duck delicious though--as modeled by my sister below:

We then trudged off to Temple Street where we browsed through the famous night market. Unfortunately, after a few meters, I just gave up that I sat down literally on the street. I was so tired and cranky and all I wanted to sleep.

Everyone thankfully agreed to go back to the hotel where we went off to our own rooms. The next day, I learned that my siblings left their kids with my dad who babysat them and went back to Temple Street to do more shopping.

Anyway, that's it for Day 2. Day 3 will hopefully follow tomorrow.

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