Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 10 - Party Reception at the Mystic Hilton Hotel

When we got to my mom's house in Connecticut after a 2 1/2 hour drive and we got settled for the night, I found out to my horror that I was not able to pack certain clothes which I needed for the party. So when we woke up the next morning, which was the day of the party, I asked my mom if she could bring me to the nearest store where I could buy what I needed.

She took me to the Navy Exchange at the nearby Submarine Base where I bought my required clothing. She even bought two Ipad 2s which were the last 2 pieces available at $10 off the retail price and tax-free to boot. Too bad we already bought our Ipad at the Apple store in Menlo a couple of days before.

We went back home before lunch and everyone tried to get ready (our other relatives were checked in at the nearby hotels) for the party tonight.

The party was an Affirmation of Vows for my mom and her husband, Russell. It was a chance for Russell's family to get to know my mom's clan as they did not have the chance before. It was also a celebration of my mom's 60th birthday (of course, they didn't announce her age during the party).

Here's a group picture of our family:

From L-R (standing): Claudine (my twin sister), Jeff (my brother-in-law), yours truly, Leo, Eldica (Russell's daughter-in-law), Patrick (Russell's son), Christian (Russell's grandson)
From L-R (seating): Liam (Claudine's son), my mom, Russell and Madison (Claudine's daughter)

It was also the first time that I saw some of my relatives who I haven't seen for the longest time. It was also the first time that I attended an event at a Hilton Hotel. Unfortunately, the DJ/host that we got leaves much to be desired. She doesn't know what songs to play and did not even dress properly. The line dancing was better during my godson's christening party.

The party ended at around midnight. When we stepped outside the hotel, it was foggy and really cold! Apparently, I'm the only one who felt the cold. Everyone was used to the chilly weather already.

There will be another party the next day and a chance for everyone to get together again before everyone leaves for their respective homes across the East Coast.

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